Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cover Dreams

Tip of the Day: If you are racking your brain trying to come up with first or last names for your characters, check out the US Census Web site.

Are you one of those people that constantly dreams about what their book cover will look like? I wish I was. Because that is the next step (I think) now that I’m done with edits and waiting on copy edits. But I can’t even imagine what mine will look like! My book, The Espressologist, is about a teenage coffee barista that matchmakes customers based on their favorite coffee drinks. So, I’m guessing there will be something with coffee on the cover (See? I stink at this!). Maybe a giant espresso mug? A big espresso bean? I don’t have a clue. Maybe you have to be artistic to be able to think this stuff up? Like one of my author buddies has been making great fan art covers for a bunch of people. Here is the one she did for my book. You can look through the front page of her blog and see the other ones she has done—they are pretty cool. I don’t know how she comes up with them!

Maybe my main character will appear on the cover like she has it? I don’t know. It never occurred to me. I guess she could be in her barista outfit working or doing her espressology matches. That could be cute. And I do somehow sense that brown and pink will be the main colors. I don’t know why I think this—maybe because I like them. :-)

I should probably have some specific ideas for my cover just in case anyone asks me. Which I’m not sure will even happen. I imagine the publisher’s artists decide on the cover and just show me. I’m determined to start spending a set period of time everyday obsessing about the cover now anyway though. Not lots of time—maybe just a few minutes a day. Because it IS such a big deal. The cover might make or break the book. If it is boring and blah readers will just pass by the shelf and not pick it up. I’m a huge cover shopper—I always zone in on the cute covers. So mine just has to be cute!

What about you? Do you dream about the cover of your book? If so, what is your vision? And if you have any psychic powers and can see what my book cover looks like can you let me know?

Kristina, Miss Soon-to-Pub


Emily Marshall said...

I definitely think you'll have people, instead of just a coffee cup on your cover, Tina. Since it's a matchmaking book. My guess is it'll be clear it's in a cafe, too. Whether it be coffee cups there, or a machine, or something. Not sure if it will have just your MC or her overlooking two other people or handing them a coffee cup or something (that's a tough call, it depends on space available on the book and if they are going with a photo or an illustration). And I think brown and pink would be perfect colors.

Okay, let me know if my guesses end up being right.

I think about covers all the time, mainly because I love to design stuff.

Kristina Springer said...

People on the cover would be cool. I just have no vision at all for this artistic stuff though! I'll let you know what it looks like as soon as I know. What do you think Con Girl will look like?

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

I love those covers! They have a great teen feel. I have fantasized about my covers, too, and I am sort of stuck, too. It's got to be haunting (as you might imagine from my screen name). Both of my current YAs are ghost stories, but one is historical and the other contemporary, so their covers will be radically different...I think. Maybe not!?

It is tough. I'm better at titles than at covers. I hope I get the chance to hash this one out soon. Good luck with yours!

DeenaML said...

I picture a person with a big mug of coffee on yours, Tina.

For STAFF ROAD, I picture a sort of dark street with a haunting girl in a window of a big building? Hmmmm....

But covers definitely make or break books! I read THE DECLARATION recently -- really good book -- but the cover is just plain white. So I can't even display it at the lib bc it looks boring even though it's excellent.

Kate Fall said...

I love the cover your friend did for you. The style she picked for the MC is perfect. And I like her tagline. She did Rhonda's Stupid Cupid too! That is so awesome.

Staff Road cover, I picture outside, nighttime, maybe some lightning. A girl in a poodle skirt and Mary Janes running through the rain past a huge, gothic building.

Kristina Springer said...

Ugh-- well I'm a little cover nervous because I read an article Stephen King did where he bashes FSG covers. But hopefully mine will still be great!

Thanks for the luck GG and yeah Deena and Kate-- I can totally see both of what you guys described for Staff Road!

Emily Marshall said...

Hhmm...that's a good question Tina. I think it would have two girls on front, maybe in handcuffs. And it would be blue or green background.