Friday, July 18, 2008

My Turn, my turn - Lisa's Favorites

Tip of the day: Eat cherries. Beautiful, delicious cherries. But not too many cherries. Otherwise, you’ll get a stomach ache.

All week long, we’ve been discussing our favorite authors. The ones where we count the days until the next book comes out. The ones whose books make us go, if only I could write a book even 1/16 as good as this one. The ones who inspire us and make us work harder.

So here is my list:

1. Laurie Halse Anderson. I probably don’t even need to say more. She has a historical mid-grade coming out this fall, titled CHAINS, and I can’t wait. Who knew I’d ever be so excited about historical fiction? But I found FEVER 1793 fascinating, and she writes her historical fiction in a way that makes it real and interesting. And I think in the end, she understands it’s still about connecting the reader with a character, regardless of what time period or setting you have. Of course I love her YA just as much, if not more. Plain and simple, she is an incredible writer. And not only that, I’ve seen her speak, and she relates to teens in a way that makes you go – wow, she really GETS it.

2. John Green. LOOKING FOR ALASKA is one of my most favorite books of all time. After I read it, I found myself picking it up and flipping through the pages, randomly reading bits here and there, because I missed the characters so much. How often does that happen? I’ll tell you how often. Not nearly enough. The other thing I ADORE about him is his ability to write a serious, thought-provoking book but still have humorous elements that make me laugh out loud. At not one, but two different points while reading LOOKING FOR ALASKA, I laughed until I cried. With his latest book, PAPER TOWNS, coming out in October (I read an Advanced Review Copy) I laughed multiple times. Let me tell you, dear readers, you are in for a treat with PAPER TOWNS.

3. L.K. Madigan and Lindsey Leavitt – Yes, I know, this isn’t really fair. Their books aren’t even on the shelves. YET. But I have read them, and they really are two of my favorite authors. FLASH BURNOUT by L.K. Madigan comes out in the fall of 2009 and PRINCESS FOR HIRE comes out in 2010. When they ask me if I have time to read something, I have to pinch myself that they are actually asking ME for my opinion. They are both so talented, and I expect big things from both of these authors. They inspire me every single day, to become a better writer. Yes, a true sign of a great writer.

Happy reading!

~Lisa, Miss Pinch Me I’m Pubbed


Kristina Springer said...

Oooh! Oooh! I can't wait to read L.K. Madigan and Lindsey Leavitt too! I haven't read their books yet but just from reading their blogs I know their books are GREAT!!

John Green is ok too.

Kidding! He's great! :-)

lkmadigan said...

*tearing up*

You're so sweet.

I feel the same ... I can't believe how lucky I am to read your books before the rest of the world.

And talk about big things! You will be lighting the way for us.


Kim / POWER OF RUN said... those novels can't get here fast enough! I'm also looking forward to reading the books by authors #3. That you put them up there among the best, well...that just cements it. Lucky you who got to read early versions!

Emily Marshall said...

I can't wait to read the last two authors as well. I'm so jealous you've gotten to read their stuff already. Lucky you.

Kate Fall said...

Laurie Halse Anderson was the first teen writer I heard speak, and I know exactly what you mean by she gets it. I hope I get to hear her speak again.

Please don't tell anyone that I haven't read Looking for Alaska yet. Let's keep it between us and the blogsphere. It's on my TBR pile, I swear!

I love reading Lindsey's LJ. Must go find lkmadigan's blog ...

DeenaML said...

Lisa, way to make me super jealous that you got to read arcs and drafts before anyone else! Gah! So jealous. :)