Friday, June 5, 2009

When it comes to bookstores, I've hit the jackpot

Tip of the day: Powell's has 11 copies of FAR FROM YOU that are signed, by me! You can order them on-line by simply putting one in your shopping cart. Try reading it on a hot day this summer - it'll cool you off! Go here to order!

When people think of Portland, they think of this bookstore:

That's the downtown store, and I'm just not downtown very often. There's a Powell's store close to my house, though, that I do love, and that's where I've had my book signings.

But I also really love Annie Bloom's, a bookstore in this cute little neighborhood called Multnomah Village. It's convenient to my work, so sometimes I go there on my lunch hour and shop. When we have a baby shower at work, we often get some great books for the baby and mom, ones we've bought at Annie Bloom's.

But there's one place I go weekly to get books. The Beaverton City Library:

Isn't it beautiful? I love it!!! I actually have my 14 digit library number memorized, I reserve books on-line so often. I always have at least one book on CD in my car to listen to during my 30 minute commute to and from work. It allows me to get two more books read per month than I'd normally be able to.

Anyway, have you been to Powell's? If you ever come to Portland, let me know and we can meet up for coffee and books!! It's a fun place to take out-of-town guests!

~Lisa, Miss Crafting a Career


lkmadigan said...

Powell's date soon?


Lisa Schroeder said...

Lisa - of course, any time! I need to order DULL BOY actually, we could meet when I pick it up. :)

DeenaML said...

I'm excited you have TWO good indies near you!

Wish I could jet set to Powell's to meet up with Lisa and Lisa. Some day!

Christina Farley said...

Yes, your library is the coolest. I just love libraries and bookstores.

Kat said...

I lived in Vancouver, WA for 28 years (I now live in Florida), and frequented Powell's often, especially in the early years.

I live on a boat now and had to relinquish my personal library, but I still have Ralph Waldo Emerson Complete Works on my bookshelf in the forepeak (where I work). I bought this volume for $7.95 from Powell's in 1975.

I also have stored at my daughter's house a 75 volume collection of 100+ year old volumes of which many were purchased from Powell's in the early years when it was only a used book store. It was overcrowded and eclectic and a treasure trove. I miss the old store. Modernization has diminished, not improved the atmosphere.

My daughter lives in West Linn and I visit her now and then. Perhaps we can meet on my next trip out.

The PNW is the most beautiful area of the USA. I sigh in nostalgia.