Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why New Moon (or You Can Do No Wrong/In My Eyes*)

*With apologies to Thom Yorke (see link below)

Tip of the Day: After making your holiday cookies, immediately package them up for whoever will receive them to detract from your desire to keep snacking on them....

I saw NEW MOON. In the theater. Twice.

Now before you judge, the first time was bc I wanted to see it and a group of us went for my friend's bday night. The bday girl is a HUGE fan of the series, so of course we had to go.

The second time was bc that same bday girl asked if I would go with her again. I don't see her much so I said yes as long as we had lunch first so we could catch up on gossip. And I have to say, I enjoyed the movie better the second time than the first. It is still too long, and the parts of Bella pining and looking forelorn could be cut down, but overall there are some parts of the movie -- and the story -- that remind me of why the series is such a popular YA phenom.

One reason is that the layers of the story fit together, are relevant with each other, yet represent Bella's personal story and the greater good of other people of Forks. And bc the reader cares about the minor characters like Charlie, we care about the micro and macro stories: Bella missing Edward, Bella liking Jacob, Jacob and Edward being enemies, Victoria coming back, Charlie hunting Jacob, Jacob hunting Victoria....

There's this great montage scene in the movie -- my fave scene -- set to this song by Thom Yorke (Hearing Damage): The melancholy of the music, plus the chase/hunt scene that switches between Charlie, Victoria, the wolves, and Bella -- the micro and macro stories intertwined -- sums up so much with no dialog, and leaves me wanting more of it.

How does one write the equivalent of the powerful, emotional, action-filled movie montage in a novel?

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Laura Canon said...

Don't I wish I could do is such a great (though cheap) way to access emotion. Your post highlighted one of the things I really do like about the Twilight books...the small-town setting and the everyday characters.

Kate Fall said...

"Now before you judge, the first time was bc I wanted to see it" Ha, that was just classic.

I don't know how you write a montage. I'm still trying to write the humor equivalent of someone getting bonked on the head. But I think you summed up why I'm tempted to write things like "My parents, the night before, the disaster at school, the epidemic: all those worries swirled in my head at once, overwhelming me."

DeenaML said...

Laura -- I've tried saying what music was playing during a scene, but it's like if the reader doesn't know that song, what good does it do, right? :)

And I have to say, the best actors/characters in the movies are the small town dad (Charlie) and the small town girl friend (Jessica). They are hilarious and real in the movies.

Kate -- so glad I crack you up. :)