Thursday, July 28, 2011

Contemporary Books Just Make Me Happy

Tip of the Day: Check out how one book club held a "Fauxpresso Nite" when they read The Espressologist.

I'm pretty sure I've talked about my book club on here before. I love being in a book club because I end up reading a lot of books I normally wouldn't have picked up. Like Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Based on the name and cover it probably wouldn't have made me pick it up in a store but based on word of mouth from friends we read it and it was AWESOME. I since passed it onto others who have also loved it. It's a newly released movie too (please come to my town!!).

This month's book is The Bake Off:

Now, to be completely honest, I wasn't even sure of what the book was about or if it was any good but I heard it was a light fun contemporary read so I rsvp-ed for book club and bought the book right away. Just because of the genre. Last month's book club? Well, it was pick your own classic to read and talk about. So I picked one. I won't name names here but I got about 75 pages in and peeked ahead to see I had like another 400 to go and I was already bored out of my mind. I gave up and missed the book club. I felt kind of guilty like a bad kid who couldn't do their homework. But I can see why some kids today don't like reading if they're always having to read literary classics and not what they're interested in. If it's a light contemporary book, for me anyway, I look so forward to it and can't wait for my "me" time to get back to reading it.

This week I read a draft of Jennifer Jabaley's (she wrote Lipstick Apology and Crush Control) newest book and WOW, it was so amazing! I completely loved it and was up late each night devouring it.

Contemporary books make me happy-- what kind of books make you happy?

Kristina, Miss Author in Action

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