Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Places to Submit (or Open Doors)

Tip of the Day: Stay tuned for an A2A Query Clinic coming soon!
Have a polished manuscript? Looking for an agent and/or a publisher without an agent like me? Check out some of these opportunities to submit to some great people/places!

1. Janet Reid's Liz Norris Pay It Forward Writing Contest. You can win a great Backspace Conference prize package. Get your completed, thrilling novel in by March 15.
2. Angry Robot's new YA imprintStrange Chemistry's Open Door submission period. You have from April 16-April 30 to get your fantasy/sci-fi/horror/supernatural novels in.
3. Entangled Publishing, an up-and-coming new publisher, is still open to unagented submissions in upper-YA with romantic elements.

If your manuscript is not polished up yet and you are an SCBWI member, you have until March 15 for your manuscript to arrive at the L.A. HQ for the Work-in-Progress grants.

Good luck!

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Kate Fall said...

Ugh, I know it's really bad of me not to be submitting for the SCBWI grant. You really get noticed if you win. Can I actually pull it together tomorrow morning though?

DeenaML said...

Do it, Kate! Do it do it! :)

Bonnee Crawford said...

Strange Chemistry's thingy sounds pretty appealing to me :) I might have to check it out!

DeenaML said...

Bonnee, I agree! It's cool to see an imprint doing genre for YA!