Friday, October 5, 2012

My Son is a Prisoner

Tip of the Day: Shop for Halloween costumes now before they're picked over!!!!

From Target:
My kids have two days off of school this week, so I took them shopping for Halloween costumes. My 10-year-old daughter gravitated toward the skanky teen vampire costumes (luckily I was able to steer her toward something less-slutty than the others), but my 6-year-old son had a really tough time choosing.

First it was a ninja (he takes tae kwon do), then a Power Ranger (he loves the show), and finally he zeroed in on a hotdog (he loves food). None of them spoke to his blackened Halloween heart.

Frustrated, we left the big Halloween store and headed to Target ... where he decided to be a prisoner. Of all things, a PRISONER! But it was cheap, so I said, "Okay!" lol

When we got home, I was still a bit flummoxed over his choice. He's never been in trouble at school, and he delights in telling me who was bad every single day. He's a little rough with his sister, but I'm pretty sure that's just normal sibling stuff.

So why a prisoner?

Probably for the same reason I dress up every day, slap on a pen name, and write a book. It's an escape. I'm relatively shy. I don't enjoy crowds. Public recognition isn't even on my list of lifetime goals. Yet, here I am, throwing myself out into the world as this vivacious author.

Writing gives me the same fantastic escape that my kids experience every Halloween. Even though I haven't dressed up in years and really hate trick-or-treating (I prefer to stay home and hand out the candy), I encourage my kids to give it all they've got. Why not? Kids are so regimented these days. It's rare for us to spend a day at home doing nothing. Sports and activities get in the way.

I hope when they grow up, they remember how it feels to put on a mask, or a painted face, and present themselves to the world as something that's the opposite of what they are. It might give them courage in a stressful work situation or help them fake it until they make it.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Megg, Miss Enchanted ePubber

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DeenaML said...

When I dress up for Halloween, I always feel like it gives me license to act a little more nuts than usual, lol! And this year I'm working Halloween night! Woo hoo!