Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Naming a Character...Roller Derby style

Tip of the Day: the library person in me can't help but mention it's Banned Books Week, so support your right to read by checking out a commonly banned or challenged book from your local library this week!

I've been extremely quiet on the blog lately, merely because there hasn't been much going on or things to discuss. But I'm coming out of hiding because I have a favor to ask.

I know...I know...selfish of me.

But...our blog readers are some of the most creative people I know and always have wonderful suggestions, so I thought you'd be the perfect group to poll.

Recently, I got up enough guts to try out for something I've been wanting to do for a very long time...Roller Derby. I used to watch the old banked track matches on the TV with interested and then got really interested in the sport as an adult after watching the "Rollergirls" reality show about the Lonestar Rollergirls league in Austin, Texas. As I got older I really wanted to try it, but never lived near enough to a place with a team, until now.

I have a new appreciation for the sport and it's athletes, since it's one of the hardest things I've done. My currently two very injured knees are proof. But it's a great workout and I've loved meeting all my new teammates. I'm slowly, very slowly, improving and I've found muscles that I never knew existed!

Learning a completely new sport as an adult is fun and a bit crazy. In fact it reminds me a lot of when I started writing fiction. It's lots of fun, but tons of work and at times I frequently find myself asking the question: "What on earth did I get myself into?"

So here comes the favor part...

Most of you know that Roller Derby members have a fun "derby" name and I'd really love to play off of a literary name. However, most of the names I've come up with are taken by other skaters and you can't really pick a name that anyone else has ever registered.

So names like:

* Pain Eyre
* Katniss EverMean
* Lady Gwen A Fear

While they are fun and ones I'd love to use, I can't. So, I'd love name suggestions in the comments section. If I end up picking yours I'll even send you a $10 Amazon giftcard, so you get something in return, besides my gratification. If you want other ideas, there's a whole list of names here. Just remember it can't be too similar to any of the names on the list.

It can be a spin on an author, character, or book related. It can even be library related. I really don't care. My only qualifications are that I like it, the name fits me, and that it's not taken.

So...got any suggestions?

Photo from: http://battlefieldrollerderby.org/


DeenaML said...

Oooh! How about:
Do We Decimate
The Fictionalizer
Serials Killa
J.K. Rolling

DeenaML said...

Oh wait!
Banned Bookz
Slaughterhouse V
The Skatez of Wrath

Try to use a Z, lol!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new venture into roller derby! I am also an author and derby girl. I started playing about two and a half years ago and it's the best thing I've ever done. My advice is to not stress too much over choosing a name that is not "taken". the name registry site has such a long lag time that by the time you find out if your name is rejected or accepted, you will have already been using it for several months and won't want to change anyway. That being said, here are some literary suggestions:

Emily Bronte-saurus
The Li-bury-em
The Author-ity
Ima Write-her off (or some version of that like Al Writer off or L Writerhoff.
Pseudo-nymph or Sue Doe Nymph
Anita Write or Anita Pen or some variation of that.
Bunz N. Noble
Rita Book

Hope that helps! Wish I had thought of some of these when I was choosing a name!

--Give 'em L

Lisa Tiffin said...

Harriet the Spry
Green Eyes & Harm
Outta Circulation
Merchant of Vengeance

These are fun!

DeenaML said...

Linda, that is so cool! Love the author derby girls -- and the name Emily Bronte-saurus!

Emily Marshall said...

These are awesome! I'm going to have some thinking to do. Keep em coming!

Linda, thanks so much for the tips. I've also heard that about names but I think I still want something original if I can. So glad to find another author and roller girl. I'm having lots of fun so far. It's a great workout and a wonderful community to be apart of.

Emily Marshall said...

I still haven't made up my mind yet, but I need to narrow it down soon. I will say I really, really liked Merchant of Vengeance, Lisa. But the name is already registered to another skater. Bummer.

But as Linda mentioned I could still go with it if I wanted.

If I chose your name, I'll let you know by November 1st.

Thanks again for all the help!

Emily Marshall said...


I ended up going with Emily Bronte-saurus. Thanks for the suggestion! If you send me your email I'll get you an amazon giftcard.