Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympics and Sport Books

Tip of the Day: If you aren't watching the Olympics right now, you really should be.

Apparently I have so much Olympic fever I forgot today was Tuesday and my post day.

The Olympics are just that captivating.

I personally love the gymnastics, diving, and volleyball. But I'm not that picky and usually watch anything. It's also interesting to see unusual sporting events like table tennis, hand ball, and trampoline.

I often wonder during Olympic time if agents get an influx of sports-influenced books. Personally, I don't think you'd know it by the little I've found on my library shelves. We have an Olympic display and 2/3 of the books for it came from one series. And we were being generous with including anything sports related.

You just don't find sports books that often. Or at least I don't.

So if you have a favorite sport book to recommend, please share.

I'll start, even though I haven't read hardly any sports books. The only book I remember having a sports presence is the soccer aspect of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and since I love that series that's my pick.

Your turn...


Lisa Schroeder said...

Oh Oh OH!!!

You have to read Jennifer E. Smith's novel THE COMEBACK SEASON. A love story at its core, but baseball is what brings the two characters together.

Really. Read it. I loved it!

And I think the world should just be put on hold for two weeks so we could all do nothing but watch the Olympics. :)

Emily Marshall said...

Lisa, I'll definitely have to check that one out. It sounds good!!!

And I agree, the world should be put on hold!

DeenaML said...

Our library's been slow the past two weeks bc of the Olympics at night, I swear! I am SO into it, though.

I love DAIRY QUEEN by Catherine Murdoch!

Kristina Springer said...

Oooh-- I love Dairy Queen too. And I just finished the sequel-- Off Season!

Emily Marshall said...

I need to give DQ another try. I started it but couldn't get into it fast enough. But I think it was because of my "off" reading phase.