Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How I Read Now (or I Must Have ADD)

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There's been a lot of talk on blogs today about TBR piles, like Kate's A2A post on Monday, and Kelly F's post on LJ (, so I thought I'd chime in with my own post.

I am an ADD reader.

Or maybe I'm just ADD.

No, no, I like to think of myself as a Super Multitasker. Yes, that's it.

Right now I'm reading:

And my TBR pile is....NOTHING! That's bc the titles I pick off the shelf always have such a pull on me that immediately I have to read the first chap of all of them. So, there's no real TBR pile, just an ever-present Currently Reading pile. I mean, when Ellen Hopkins' IDENTICAL was ready for the teens at my lib, I snagged one copy and dove right in. How could I not?

OK, I'm getting ahead of myself here a little. Why did I pick up each of these books?

LOST TIME I grabbed because the author is on Verla's Blue Boards and I recognized the cover on the shelf, and I haven't read an upper-MG sci-fi in a long time. I'm reading this one before bed bc it's a book to read slowly to understand the complex new world.

IDENTICAL I picked up bc I have to read all Ellen Hopkins' books now, especially after meeting her at Rochester's Teen Book Fest this past spring. I read pieces of it here and there, while waiting for a ride or for my manpanion to be ready to leave the house for dinner. It's good for that bc of its verse format.

FANCY WHITE TRASH had a title I couldn't resist, and due to that title, if the book is good I'll buy it for some of my girlfriends as a gift. I'm reading this one at work during my lunch and dinner breaks.

BEFORE, AFTER, AND SOMEBODY IN BETWEEN has been blogged about as being an excellent book, and I think very highly of some internetters' book opinions. I just started this one and was savoring the Voice of it out on my porch.

I usually also have a paperback going since those are easier to read on the exercise bike, but I've been doing IDENTICAL there as of late (and "suffering" by holding onto the thick book while also gripping the handlbars). I must remember to snag some hot looking pbs from my library shelves this week.

I hope that some day my books are in somebody's Must Read pile -- and maybe they will be because of this blog?

Deena, Miss Recently Repped

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Anonymous said...

You have great taste in books!

Kate Fall said...

She does, Julie. Which means every time she says "this was a great book," MY TBR read pile gets bigger and bigger!

DeenaML said...

But Julie, I get so many of them from your blog! :)

Jeannine Garsee said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my book! xox