Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Subjectivity the Second (Subjactivity: The Activity of Being Subjective)

Tip of the Day: Throwing a baby carrot towards a cute wild bunny in your yard will not attract it to you.

Piggybacking on my post from last week, I want to talk about how one's very own agent can be subjective about her own client's work.

I queried my agent bc her bio online said she was interested in historical fiction, and YA. My historical YA was: (a) really an MG, and (b) also paranormal, which her bio didn't say she wanted. Yet despite all that, she said she was attracted to my characters and setting. She has also since said that she's not into paranormal, yet that story got her attention.

Since we signed on together, she's read another realistic MG of mine, which she liked, and a YA contemporary paranormal, which she said needs work. My CPs love my YA contemp paranormal, and I can see where my agent is coming from, but again, subjective.

So don't worry if your agent isn't into every single one of your works. Are you into every single work that she's sold? Probably not. Instead of worrying, just talk together on what you can do to the manuscript to make you, your agent, and your test readers happy.

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Weronika Janczuk said...

This makes a lot of sense and I think is something that all writers need to take into consideration as they write -- how their agent will react to future works can determine the foundation of a relationship. :)

Thank you for the insight. Have a good week!

Kristina Springer said...

So true!