Thursday, July 23, 2009

Switching Gears

Tip of the Day: Use to set up a radio station that only plays songs you like to hear.

I'm feeling like an old rusty bike chain these days. Reason why? I'm having the worst time switching gears between projects. I finished the first round of line edits on My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours a couple of weeks ago. And I haven't done a bit of writing since. I know, I know, I need to get back at it-- and I actually have the first three chapters of a book I love ready and waiting for me to get back to. But I'm resisting for some reason. Like, I just don't want to completely change my brain and turn it on to that book when I know I'll have the next round of edits for Fake Boyfriend coming back any time.

So, I'm trying to think of ways to turn my mind onto my newest WIP.

1) Make a playlist of music for the book.

I see that a lot of authors do this for their books. I'm not really that into music though so I don't think this will help me.

2) Set up my writing environment to reflect the book.

This I could probably do. My newest book has pumpkins in it so I could see burning some pumpkin candles or making pumpkin bread or getting a pumpkin spice latte to drink while I work. (yes, any excuse to get coffee!)

3) Make a collage.

This could be fun. I did this when I was writing Boy Swap. I can find old magazines and cut out pics of things that represent my book. And then tape it on the wall when I'm writing.

Um...okay, I'm stuck.

Oh wait, new e-mail. It's my editor. She overnighted edits for Fake Boyfriend again. Yes! Forget everything I said. No, wait, don't. Just in case this happens again, leave me your ideas for switching between projects in the comments. Thanks!

Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut

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Christina Farley said...

I LOVE these ideas. Especially the collage one. That is something I'm going to have to do. Really like it.