Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Full-time writing...here I come

Tip of the Day: when you start to feel too old, hang around people half your age. Not only great research, but sometimes makes you feel young again!

Last night I met some of my new neighbors, and they asked the ever popular “what do you do?” question. My answer then was, “I’m currently unemployed.” But in my head I’m choosing to think of myself as a “full-time writer.”

Since I’m not technically making any money off my employment, I don’t really like to tell people I’m a writer. Even though the amount of effort put into making a book definitely feels like work. Sometimes really hard work.

So why don’t we always feel like sharing that with people?

In my case, I don’t want to have people follow up with questions like, “what have you published?” or then in a few months come back and ask, “so do you have any books out yet?” Because the general public doesn’t really understand the publishing business and how challenging it can be to break-in. And sometimes it takes months to make any progress, so chances are you are probably working on the same book you were a few months ago. Not really anything exciting to report or have to explain.

So for now, I will be a secret full-time writer.

Except now all you know my secret. Shhh…don’t tell.

Only problem is my office currently looks like this:

So my first official duties at my new job are to clean this mess up.

--Emily, Miss Querylicious


amuse me said...

Since you are now an expert on moving and setting up, fodder for one of your books? You are a writer and I'm proud to say I know a writer!

MaryKate said...

I completely sympathize with the "what to say" dilemma. Last week, my hairdresser said, "I can't believe you're still working on that book! You were working on it last time you were here, too!"

If she hadn't been putting dye in my hair, I would have *headdesked* right there in the chair.

F.I.C said...

I often want to tell people I'm a writer, but even I know one trunked work and a plan for a second does not a writer make. I would instead say I'm a student but I only study part time and am currently enjoying a gap year I snuck into my timetable when no one else was looking.

That makes me either a lazy bum or a part time student/part time writer.

DeenaML said...

Yay full time writer!! If anyone asks, you can say that I'm one of your colleagues. :)

P.S. Your hubby's ash insect has officially reached New York State!

Kate Fall said...

Good luck, Emily! Get that office in order and start living the dream!

Lisa Schroeder said...

Your secret is safe with us!!!

Emily Marshall said...

Mary Kate that is hilarious! And F.I.C. having one complete work is a writer to me! Even if it is a secret one.

Glad I have so many colleagues now. Thanks ladies!