Thursday, August 5, 2010

Writing Kissing Scenes

Tip of the Day: This season's Big Brother After Dark (the midnight to 2am live feed of Big Brother that shows on Showtime every night) is so not worth staying up to watch. BORING! The Big Brother season itself is pretty boring this year but the After Dark is really bad stuff.

Ah, kissing scenes. We all love to read them but writing them? Hmm, sometimes it's hard. After careful review of all my kissing scenes in my books, I've found I like to write about first kisses. I like all the tension and build up and the "Oh yes, it's finally here, we're going to have that long awaited first kiss!" kinda stuff.

But the heavy making out leading to other stuff kinda writing? Hmm, not sure I'm up for that. I think I'd be blushing the entire time I wrote which would really be noticeable at the Starbucks where I do my writing I'm sure. And maybe it's the Italian catholic in me but I'm know I'd hear my mother gasping in horror and then saying my full name in my head too.

How do you guys write your kissing scenes? Does your mother scold you in your head too? Do you think oh dear, Grandma and Auntie Edna are going to read this and there WILL be e-mails? Or are you the type that says forget them all, I'm going there!

Kristina, Miss See Me on the Shelves


Cynthia Leitich Smith said...

For me, the hardest part of writing BLESSED (forthcoming) was the major love scene.

I wanted something tender and resonant that would offer a stark contrast to the horror in the story, and it couldn't be a first kiss. We'd already had that earlier in the series.

I think I rewrote it about twenty times, trying to be ever more true to the characters--and then, after turning in the notes on the copy edits, sent my editor one more email to tweak the last line.

Kate Fall said...

My WIP has a first kiss scene and then a tragic separation. So I'm with you on this one. Really, I have no idea. We may have to dare each other or something!

DeenaML said...

In general, I am not good at writing romance between characters. I even have trouble getting their chemistry just right. It's a total handicap for me!

Cynthia, that is reassuring that it is not just me. :)

Kate, is the tragic separation the easy out of writing more romance??? ;)