Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Feel Good About Summer Reading! (or Three Things I Believe)

Tip of the Day: If your kids participated in Summer Reading Programs at your local libraries, check in with your progress! At my library we are handing out prizes galore!

Today I had a feel-good moment. I went to a local family care center to celebrate the 400 books that 57 kids and teens had read this summer. They also all signed up for my library's Summer Reading Program.

The kids had beaten the goal set for them to read 375 books, so their principal had his head shaved in front of them at an assembly this afternoon. So much fun to see these kids and teens excited about reading, and proud of their accomplishments!

It is for reasons and events like this that I believe in the following:

1) Libraries where kids and teens from all different backgrounds and life events can find something to read that speaks to them. New York State's funding for public libraries has dropped down to 1993 levels. We cannot continue to offer avenues of hope and success to kids at places like this institution if funding continues to decrease.
2) Teachers, administrators, and aides who love working with kids from all types of backgrounds, and who introduce them to a lifelong love of books.
3) Realistic contemporary fiction for kids and teens, because sometimes when you are having a "life sucks" moment, you want to know that other people are having -- or have had -- that moment too, and have found a way through it. Without the help of magic or a vampire or pyschic powers.

I hope all three things in this list contine to be supported for the benefit of each other.

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

We get what we pay for--something that tends to get sadly overlooked when it comes to funding things like libraries and education.

DeenaML said...

Jen -- I so appreciate your loving library challenge! :)