Saturday, September 6, 2014

Library Lost&Found #2 (or Car Alarming)

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Some items that are stashed in the library's Lost & Found wouldn't be humorous if they were encountered, say, on a street corner. Or the side of the road. Maybe even at a gas station. 

What makes them funny is that someone:

a) saw the items in the road/library parking lot, 
b) brought them into the library to be a good samaritan,
c) and our staff put them in the Lost & Found bin.*

Here is one such case:

Yes, one day I came into work and found a hubcap in our Lost & Found bin.

Immediate thoughts:

a) would anyone who lost a hubcap actually check inside the library for it?
b) omg take my picture with my eyes looking through the holes!

Anyone missing a hubcap?


*Please note I love my staff and adore that they put these items in Lost & Found, because what is the other choice? Tell the supposed do-gooder who brought it in to put it back where they found it? Immediately throw it in the garbage? No, we must respect the Lost & Found items!


Unknown said...

Hahaha this is awesome! Long live the lost and found (especially of libraries) and those who keep them in existence!

DeenaML said...

It really is a source of continual entertainment!