Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Best Book Club EVER

It's been such a long time since I've posted but last we've talked I mentioned I had moved. That was like a year ago. And my kids go to this really great school and they get to do a lot of cool things and have amazing experiences. Like author visits. They've probably had half a dozen+ authors come to talk to them and each time it's a big deal with everyone wanting signed books and they all read them voraciously so it's a good thing.

I've never been the kind of author mom to push my books on them. But at one event we were at when the kids were going on and on about the authors, "Did you hear how he gets ideas?" "Isn't that amazing how she thought up that title?" I looked at them and said, "You guys do realize I write books for a living, right?"

Fast forward a couple of months and a few more author visits. I was leaving to do an author event in Chicago and something clicked with the kids. "Omg! You write books! Can we read them?!"

Thus started the Springer Family Book Club. The kids all demanded their own signed books. How do you sign a book to your own kid? I wrote smooshy love notes to each and signed it Mommy, aka Kristina Springer. And each night we gather in one bedroom (all 4 kids plus us parents), books in hand, and we take turns reading aloud a chapter from My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours. And it's pretty darn cute I must say. Especially since my kindergartner can only read the fast words he knows (like, for, and, the, you, where etc.) and the girls have to fill in the rest. And the kids laugh at all my jokes. And talk about what could possibly happen next. It's awesome. 

Tonight we're reading the last chapter of the book and they're all dying to know what happens. I keep pretending like I don't know which makes them giggle. They asked if we can start one of my other books tomorrow but I'm hesitant-- I think the YA is a little too mature. I did just finish a new middle grade recently so I'm contemplating printing out a copy of that for us to read.

I've been asked in interviews for years, what do your kids think of your books? And I'd always answered, oh they're too young. Now I have a new answer-- they're the best book club ever. :-)

Kristina, Miss Author in Action