About the blog

People say writing is a lonely process but we say heck with that—it doesn't have to be! We are 5 young adult fiction writers, all at different stages of our career, our "journey", and we thought it would be cool to share our experiences, from our tumbles to triumphs, with other writers at all levels.

We have 5 participating writers:

  • Kate (Miss Perfecting the Pages), our newest to the writing process
  • Emily (Miss Querylicious), our writer who has pumped out a couple of books and is at the stage where she is querying for an agent to represent her
  • Deena (Miss Subbing for Pubbing), our writer who's had an agent and is subbing to editors
  • Kristina (Miss Author in Action), our writer who has several books published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, and 
  • Megg (Miss Enchanted ePubber) our writer who has published several Indie eBooks.

We hope that whatever level of writing you are at, you can see yourself in us, and you can also see where you are going next. This is an active blog and each of our 5 writers post Monday through Friday on their respective days.

We are an extremely chatty bunch of writers, and love to hear back from you too!

Check out the "Meet the A2A Girls" to learn more about each of our participating authors.