Thursday, March 26, 2009

Talking to Myself

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When I write dialogue I try to BE the character. Really. Now I don't mean that I dress up in costumes and run around town or whatever. I’m not that wacky.

But I try to go through what is happening to my character and feel what they feel and react as they react. So if you pop into my Starbucks in the evening you may see me talking to myself in the corner of the room. I might be telling nobody in particular how they just ruined my life and I’m never speaking to them again. You may see me gasping and then writing the details of how I just gasped. Or if you saw me about a week ago you would have seen me hitting my head on my laptop repeatedly so I could describe my main character doing this just so. Yeah, it’s strange. More than once I’ve looked up to see groups of teens staring at me in a what-on-earth-is-she-doing way.

And in my defense I try to do most of it in my head but it can’t always be done. And there is usually this other guy there too who sings these religious hymns REALLY loudly and continuously. (And when I say continuously I mean sometimes three hours straight. Talk about dedication.). So I’d like to think I’m not as bad as hymnal guy. Of course the teens are probably thinking dude, can’t a kid get a frap without the freaks? But hey, this freak is trying to write a great book for you to read some day. I think hymnal guy is just working on people's taxes. Focus your anger on him okay? And I’ll keep working on my dialogue.

Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut


Emily Marshall said...

Ha...too funny. Yes we should all aspire to be at least less weird then Hymnal Guy.

Kate Fall said...

Tina, you crack me up. Yeah, I do that too. I write at home but I get a lot of funny looks from my family. Of course, I would anyway so it rolls right off my back.

Oh, and just so everyone knows, that's not Tina in the Minnie Mouse shoes! (I'm right, right? That's not you in disguise, right?)

Kristina Springer said...

LOL-- NOPE, not me. :-)

DeenaML said...

The good thing is that now with everyone using the blueteeth, you don't have to worry so much about ppl thinking you're crazily talking to yourself! Just pretend you've got a tiny phone in your ear!

Lisa Schroeder said...

Uh, what do you mean dressing up in costumes and running around town is wacky?

Thanks a lot Tina. I was just trying my best to get into character.

Christina Farley said...

Loved the picture touch. Very inspiring!