Thursday, November 5, 2009

Launch Party Brain

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I've been trying to think up a blog post topic for this week but I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything else but my launch party this weekend. It has been on my mind 24/7, I swear. Here's my brain these days-- Must find pink paper plates. Where do they sell pink plates? This is the blasted fifth store I've gone to-- are they conspiring against me? Is someone two steps ahead of me going through my town and buying up all the pink plates? WHY CAN'T I FIND PINK PLATES? I have to finish the favors. OMG, why do they take so long to make? What was I thinking? They're awfully cute though. I love them. Did it really just take me that long to make five? What? You're hungry? When will you kids learn to use the microwave? (Kidding). Pink forks would be nice. Oh no, let's not go there again. I wonder who will come? What if no one comes? What if everyone comes? What am I going to wear? Should I make cookies or buy cookies? What? I should be writing? Yes, yes I know but I'm looking for pink plates! Priorities! I refuse to use white paper plates. I've put my foot down to white plates. Who is screwing with me and my search for pink plates? There are other towns with stores that might have pink plates. I need a table cloth. I should have thought of this last weekend. Kids, you promise you won't run in circles at Mommy's coffee party right? Right? I am not above bribery-- just name your price. OMG!! Pink plates!! I've found you, you beautiful beautiful disposable paper product you! What? You are way overpriced? I don't care. I must have you.

And that's how it's been going. If you want to see me and my pink plates come to my party this Saturday from 2-4pm at Fat Bean Coffee bar in Naperville, IL! Details on my Web site.

Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut


Shannon Messenger said...

OMG-LOL! (Pardon me for sounding like a teenage text message)

You sound like me whenever I throw a party so I can relate. I always try to tell myself one thing: I can stress all I want the days before, but the day of the party, no matter what goes wrong--and something ALWAYS does--I will NOT let it get to me because I will not let it ruin my fun.

Have a blast at your launch party and please fill those of us who cannot make it (*grumbles about living too far away from EVERYTHING*) in on all the details. :)

DeenaML said...

Yes! I always get into my head exactly what I want and then can never find it!!! :)

longge said...

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