Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Writing Goals!

Tip of the Day: If you’re near Winnetka, IL, I’m on a YA Panel with Bev Pratt and Julie Halpern this Saturday the 16th at 3pm at The Bookstall. Come see me! Details here.

I do this thing every year in my personal journal where I rewrite my resolutions from the year before and comment on how I did before making the new year’s resolutions. Since I made writing resolutions on A2A last year I’m going to see how I did with those.

Goal 1: Celebrate my book coming out. Oh yeah. I totally did that. Such fun!

Goal 2: Work on all that marketing stuff that goes along with a book release. Um, pretty good I must say. I still owe some interviews out there but I’m getting to them. :)

Goal 3: Edit Book 2. I kinda rocked this one. I wrote book two in just a few months (too lazy to go look up exactly how long) and finished edits and now it is happily off somewhere in copyedit-land.

Goal 4: Be faster with my critiques for my wonderful critique partners! Oh wow, I was BRILLIANT with this one. Ok, no I wasn’t. Maybe a smidge better. Will keep working on it!

Goal 5: Read tons more YA (I already do, but even more) and buy lots of books to support fellow authors this year. Yep!

Goal 6: Finish the Middle Grade proposal I'm currently working on and complete two more YA proposals I've been thinking about. Yeah. Finished this way early in the year. In fact, that MG proposal is the book coming out 9/1/10.

Goal 7: Write at least one full YA book. I wrote two and the first few chaps and outline of a third. Go me, go me, go me.

Goal 8: Sell more books. No. But I did sell Japanese rights to The Espressologist at Thanksgiving. Does that count?


So I didn’t do too shabby on the writing front as far as goals. Now on to this year’s:

Goal 1: Sell another book. DONE! Read here for details. :)

Goal 2: Keep up with book signings and school visits and interviews as best I can. Get ready to promote next book.

Goal 3: Visit with some of my CPs. DONE! Deena and Emily are visiting next month for the Anderson’s Children’s Literature breakfast.

*Pause* I kinda feel like I’m cheating since I keep listing things already planned. I better come up with new stuff.

Goal 4: Revise books I haven’t sold yet. That’s one MG and two YAs. I love them SO much so I must figure out what will make then extra sparkly to sell them.

Goal 5: Come up with the next most wonderful bestest book idea ever and write that book. I’m thinking Twilight meets Harry Potter meets High School Musical meets The Office. Ok, I’m totally kidding on that last part. But I do want to write at least one new book this year and I have no idea what that will be.

Ok, that’s enough writing goals. I’ve been trying to catch up on personal goals this year and have been spending a ton of time at the gym (OMG, I LOVE spin class!) so it’s eating into my writing time. Oh, that would be a good goal—

Goal 6: Work on balancing everything.

Happy 2010!

Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut


DeenaML said...

Great goals for 2010!!!

Emily Marshall said...

Great goals. And I love that so many of them are already accomplished. It's still so early in the year.

Kate Fall said...

OMG you did a ton of writing this year! I can't wait to find out what sparkly new book idea takes hold of you this year.