Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ghost! AH!

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Congrats on your book release Lisa!! I'm so excited to read Chasing Brooklyn! Really, you had me at the title. Such a sucker for good titles I am. And ghosts. I've even had an experience or two or three with a ghost. At least I think that's what it was.

Growing up, I always wanted the downstairs bedroom– the playroom my dad converted so my older brother could have his own room. I mean– he had everything down there–a TV, pool table, his own bathroom. It was like a mini-apartment. Not to mention he could sneak in and out as he pleased and sneak friends in and out just as easily. So when my brother got married, I moved all my stuff down there as fast as I could. And it was great. At first.

But pretty soon I started to notice that the bedroom got very, very dark at night. There were no windows or anything. The light switch was outside of the room even. And my whole family was not only upstairs but way the heck on the other side of the house. One night, I was woken up by some kind of shuffling noise on the other side of the room. I sat up in bed– totally cold. There was a dark shadowy figure standing by my closet. Oh. My. God.

So I threw the covers over my head and tried not to breathe too loud. Eventually I fell back asleep. The next night I made sure the door was locked so no one could get into the room and mess with me and the same thing happened. Brilliant. Now I’m locked in with the shadowy thing. You gotta be freaking kidding me I thought. I have to be imagining this. I hid under the covers again. The third night I thought I’d get all smart and brought in a lamp with me. A few hours after falling asleep I woke up and saw the same dark shadowy figure in front of my closet. Well, that was enough. There was no fourth night. I moved my stuff out of that room ASAP and the next brother in line moved in.

Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut

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S. C. Green said...

Oh, I do enjoy a good ghost story. I don't think I would have even braved a third night. I've written about a few of my experiences. I won't clog up your comment box with the full account, but if you're interested here's a link to one quick one.