Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Book People (or "Spendin' all our Money on Brand New Novels"*)

*With apologies to Moxy Fruvous

Tip of the Day: Check out Cynsations -- a great blog by Austin author Cynthia Leitich Smith who has a shout out in her April 12th post to an interview with Tina! Thanks, Cyn!

This past week I was in Austin, Texas. What a great city! There's so much going on -- and there's an awesome bookstore called
Book People. I had heard about it from Austin writer friends like Jo Whittemore so I got my manpanion to swing by.

The first thing I saw when we pulled up was that John Green, David Levithan, and Erin Hunter had recently been there. Wow.

The second thing I noticed was that this indy store was the size of a B&N or Borders. Wow wow.

The third thing I saw (after I flew to the YA section) were the laminated, colorful, handmade signs by the BP staff, recommending specific titles. Adorable!

Also cool is the way the YA section is set up. The fiction is broken down into realistic, fantasy, and TWILIGHT read alike/vampire books. The stock is so great that each section had a large selection.

The signed stock is clearly labeled with stickers, teens and kids roamed the floor with interest, and I left with some board books and this for a mom-to-be:

Because of my impending date with
I didn't sample any of the cafe wares. The dining area was large, though, and busy. A good sign.

Overall, man, I loved that Book People!

The next day I ran into my cousin, a high school librarian, who was also in Austin from Rochester for my bro's wedding. What did she say to me? "Deena, did you go to Book People? Oh my gosh, that store is awesome!" I laughed and drooled along with her, glad I wasn't the only one who made a special trip while on vaca to a bookstore.

Indie love to Book People! Invite me back when I have a book on your shelves and I'll happily sign stock!

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Kate Fall said...

When I was in Hamilton, NY last summer, we made a special point of visiting the awesome indie bookstore there. (They had a Sarah Dessen area!) I'm definitely a person who looks for great bookstores on vacations. I'm lucky because I have a few family members who think that's a cool thing to do on vacation, too.

Emily Marshall said...

Sounds like an awesome book store!

DeenaML said...

Kate -- a whole Sarah Dessen area???? AWESOME!

AlisonKN said...

Thanks for the BookPeople love! Glad you enjoyed your time here!

Anonymous said...

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