Friday, April 2, 2010

My TV debut

Tip of the Day: If you celebrate Easter, hope yours is a happy one!

So, do you remember how I talked about the radio interview, and keeping the dog happy while I talked on the phone, and all of that? And how almost immediately after that radio interview, I got an e-mail asking me to do a brief TV interview for Better Portland?

That interview was this week. We met at a local cupcake shop, and she asked me some questions which I tried very hard to answer without a) sounding like an idiot and b) sounding like I might throw up any second. Here's a picture of me and the TV host.

I realize TV exposure, even a local show that doesn't get a huge viewing, is a great thing. But as I told Brooke Carlson, the host who interviewed me, us authorly types generally don't like the spotlight much. We would rather be holed up in our offices with our characters, pouring our hearts on to the page.

But it's good, I suppose, to stretch ourselves. And if I sounded a little scared, it's okay, I'm human after all. I like to think people relate to that humanness. At least that's what I'm telling myself now that the TV interview has aired. Would I change a couple of my answers if I could? Yes. But unlike writing, I only got one chance.

In the end, I did the best I could. Which is what so many of us do, day in and day out, with the writing or the promotional opportunities. It's not easy, I know! So today, I applaud all of you who stretch yourselves one way or another, try your hardest to do the best you can, and step out of your comfort zones when you really don't want to.

Good for you!!!

As for the interview, if you're curious, and brave, you can watch it RIGHT HERE.

~Lisa, Miss Crafting a Career


Tabitha said...

Yay Lisa!!! Congratulations!!! You are so brave. I would have been a puddle of embarassment if that had been me. :)

Kate Fall said...

Awesome, Lisa! And you look beautiful. I know you weren't fishing for compliments but you got one anyway.

C.K. said...

Fantastic, Lisa! You look and sound totally relaxed.

Emily Marshall said...

Lisa, you did an amazing job. Very composed and informative!!

Stella said...

Good job! You didn't look nervous at all. BTW,your latest book was featured on the Scholastic Book Fair video which I recently showed to my students. Many of them seemed interested in buying it. Good luck with sales.