Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanking the Thankless (or Yes, I'm Thankful for People, Too)

Tip of the Day: Amidst the business of the holiday eating season, don't forget your workouts. I recommend Hip Hop Hustle!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm thankful for my writing buddies and their LJ posts and Verla's BlueBoard and SCBWI and its organizers. Of COURSE I'm thankful for those people -- I better be or I have no business even using their bright minds and amazing resources to my advantage.

But what about the thankless? Those things that make my writing life so much easier than never get thanked? I'm going to thank them right now.

1) The Table-Mate II. Before the Manpanion bought me this gizmo, I was writing on my laptop on my LAP. Can you believe it? The ergonomic atrocities! But thanks to the brilliant inventors of the Table-Mate II, I can write in couch-cushioned comfort all night long. Thank you, Table-Maters, for your genius crafting of metal and plastic!

2) The Republic of Tea's Blackberry Sage Tea. It's delicious, smells amazing, can be drank warm in the winter and cold in the summer, and it provides that needed boost of caffeine for late night writing sessions without clogging you down with sugar. (I save that for #3 on the list.) Thank you, Republic of Tea, for brewing a tasting concoction that gets me through the day!

3) Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Chips. Sometimes, despite best intentions, sugar is needed. And if you're gonna do it, you might as well do it right. For best results, freeze before consuming. Use sparingly. And do sets of 30 jumping jacks between 30-minute sessions of writing and snacking. Thank you, Hershey family, for your brilliant combination of cocoa and whatever else goes in your chips!

What are YOU thankful for that you think's been forgotten from most people's thankful lists?

Deena, Miss Recently Repped


Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

Oh I'm with you! I'm thankful for S. Clyde Weaver's tea and IngenuiTea gadget for gallons of comfort and inspiration.

I'm thankful for my little cordless mouse that makes clicking and moving those blocks of text so much easier.

And for Dove Dark Chocolate treasures! mmmmm...

Lisa Schroeder said...

Oooh, I have to look into the Tablemate!!!

Kate Fall said...

Yeah, the Tablemate looks cool. I'm thankful for Bath and Body Works hand cream too. I couldn't write without hand cream.