Thursday, May 21, 2009

A2A The Teen Years: What I Liked to Read

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I've always loved to read. When I was little it all started with the Little House on the Prairie series.

I started with one, got hooked, and then couldn't wait to get through them all. And I'm happy to say I'm passing this along. A couple of months ago I bought my 8-yr old niece a Little House book and since then she's gotten the rest of the series and is making her way through. Yay!

I guess I was always a series girl because from then on I hopped from series to series. From about age 10 to 14, I would read a book a day. I guess I had a lot of time back then.

I adored, let me repeat ADORED The Babysitter's Club.

I can't tell you how many times I tried to start my own babysitter's club but couldn't find friends who wanted to babysit. (little interesting fact about me: I was always trying to start clubs as a kid: save the whales club, boycott grapes club, NKOTB fan club and so on.)

And then there were the Sweet Valley Twins.

I liked them and read probably 10-15 before I dove in the Sweet Valley High series.

I loooooooooved this series. Really. There are still like 100 SVH books sitting in a box in my garage as we speak.

And my other favorite series that no one has actually mentioned yet? The Girls of Canby Hall Series!

Come on, someone else had to love this series, right? It was all about three very different girls at a boarding school and all the messes they got into. Sigh. Good stuff.

After that I'm blanking. I'm having a hard time remembering what I read in high school I know there was V.C. Andrews like Deena mentioned yesterday but I can't remember what else I read. Besides the required reading for English class of course. Hmm-- is that a trend? I think Em mentioned this too. So did we stop reading for fun when it became work in high school? Anyone else do this?

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DeenaML said...

I don't think I read The Girls of Canby Hall but the name sounds so familiar! Maybe my lib didn't have them and I couldn't afford to buy them!

Unknown said...

great blog, ladies. i interview authors on my blog and review.
keep up the great work.

Rhonda Helms said...

I hadn't read The Girls of Canby Hall either, but I did read the others...LOLOL ah, babysitter's club...

I also used to LOVE the thin paperback serial teen romances. LOL

Kate Fall said...

I bought my 10-year-old daughter a few Sweet Valley Twins books at a yard sale and she LOVES them. But they haven't been re-released so the public library doesn't carry them! Only the older SV High books (which were re-released recently with new covers) and they're a little too romantic for a 4th grader's tastes. So I'll be haunting used book sales for SVT!