Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gimme the Cheese!

Tip of the Day: Check out debsaidno's top ten Christmas movies list.

Em and I have a true love of Cheesy Christmas Movies. Every year we talk about them and we get practically giddy whenever there is a new one. Hallmark, ABC Family, Lifetime. The Town Christmas Forgot, The National Tree, Silver Bells, Finding John Christmas. Every weekend in December is a marathon of awesome, predictable, red & green, oooey gooey, slap you upside the head with the lovey dovey goodness. If I didn't have four little ones making me do stuff on Sunday I could literally just sit on the couch and watch them all freaking day. Happy sigh.

So why do we love them so much? I mean really, they are just retelling the same story over and over and over again. How many different ways can rich lonely girl conk her head and wake up in a different life with a family and hate it at first but then love it and whoops, bump her head again and it all goes away and she misses it. A ton of times! Jo from Facts of Life did it in one movie, that baywatch chick (you know, the one who just lost all the weight on one of the reality shows) in another and that redhead from Clueless did in a movie this past weekend. There's no mystery. About two sentences in we all know where the movie is headed. And we love it! And what about all the Christmas Carol retellings? I could watch them all flippin day. Susan Lucci as Scrooge, Frasier, Tori Spelling, Vanessa Williams, heck, I even love it when the muppets do it!

So we have to pinpoint why we love when some movies (and books too) are completely predictable and why we rant and get mad and post nasty stuff online when other movies (and of course again, books) are. Hmmmmm.


Kristina, Miss See Me on the Shelves


Kate Fall said...

I missed a Christmas Carol retelling with Tori Spelling, Gary Coleman, and William Shatner?? Pity me!

That is a timeless story. People can change. WE can change. I've already watched Scrooged this year. That's my favorite retelling. Every line is a classic. "All day long, I have to listen to excuses why people won't work. Waah, my back hurts, I'm only four years old."

Emily Marshall said...

Ha...yes I do love them. Really love them!!!! I think it doesn't matter when you go into it watching them and expecting them to be predictable. You have an expectation watching a Hallmark movie that you don't get when at the theater. But when you have different expectations, that's when I get upset if things are too predictable (actually, I take that back, I rarely get upset at that...I kind of like predictability at all times...maybe because life is so unpredictable, I like it in my movies?)