Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When the Writing Blues Strike

Tip of the Day: if you are feeling blue, might I suggest trying the new rolo McFlurry at McDonalds. Yum times ten.

Been feeling a little bit like this lately...

Which usually means I'm analyzing my story too much and have lost site of what I love about the book or characters. To try to undo the Writing Blues, I thought it might be helpful to remind myself of some of the decent (no...good) things about my current work in progress.

  • The characters are fun and witty.
  • The setting is unique and allows for so many possibilities.
  • About three of the five senses seem to be represented. And three senses are definitely better than none.
  • The book is almost done!
  • Those last five years of writing haven't been a total waste and the writing itself is actually much improved. Thankfully this isn't the first book, because if it was then I'd realllllyyyy have a long way to go to get it up to par.
If you have the Writing Blues, feel free to try to undo them in the comments by listing all the things you love about your book or characters. Maybe our sappy love fest will reverse this negative thinking :) Since I'm fairly confident all of your current works-in-progress rock!



Kristina Springer said...

Is this the mg series you're working on? Mg is hot right now-- you need to get it out there!

Kate Fall said...

OK, I like my characters. I like my main character's "Of course I can sweet talk my way out of every situation" attitude. I like an idea I had in the car yesterday to use something in the setting more fully. There are, you know, positive things about writing sometimes, I guess.

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Writer Cat seems to be contemplating the anguish of the universe!

My WIP has potential. I like the story and the characters. It's just very rough and raw now, like wood that needs sanding and staining.

Emily Marshall said...

Thanks for all the encouragement ladies. And I'm so glad to hear about all your awesome works-in-progress!!