Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Celebration Continues

Tip of the Day: I'm so excited for Tina's book release next week. Not really a tip, but celebration doesn't have boundaries :)

As a person who reads all of her favorite author's books, I'm constantly on the lookout for books like my favorite authors or favorite books. I love to look at "if you liked [this book] then you'd love [this book]" comparisons and lists. So today, I'm bringing you a list featuring our very own Kristina Springer's The Espressologist.

If you loved these books:

You'll love The Espressologist

If you love books by these authors: Meg Cabot, Lauren Myracle, Kate Brian, Niki Burnham, Louise Rennison, Melissa De La Cruz, Lauren Barnholdt, or anyone else that writes humorous teen fiction for girls.

You'll love The Espressologist

If you love books that make you laugh out-loud (which is exactly what happened when I first got the chance to read Tina's book).

You'll love The Espressologist

And if that's not enough to convince you, I went to the author and asked her this important question: Do you remember where you were when you thought up the idea for The Espressologist? And when you wrote it, did you know it was the One?

I was in a coffee shop. I know, I know, completely shocking! :-) But yes, I was sitting at the local Starbucks with my husband having drinks. We were just chatting and watching people come in and out and a particular person caught my eye and I remember thinking, I know what that person is going to order. So I sorta eavesdropped on her order and it turned out I was right. I told my husband I should write a book about what type of people drink what type of coffee drinks and call it Espressology. He thought this was clever and wonderful of course (he says that when I write the grocery list too mind you). Then I was watching the barista dealing with a customer and I thought no wait, I should have a barista who is an espressologist and matchmakes people based on their favorite drinks! That became my lucky spot and I wrote the whole book from the same table at that Starbucks. As far as knowing if it was the One, when I first started writing it I thought wow, this book is really fun to write and I'm really loving it. About halfway through though I did have the thought, Oh my God, I'm totally going to sell this book!

Now doesn't that book sound awesome! Who doesn't love a good matchmaking book. Especially one featuring coffee!

I loved The Espressologist when I first read it a few years ago. I had meet Tina online in a writing class. A few months later we decided to become critique partners. When we first exchanged work, I had joked with her that I was a good-luck charm as a critique parnter, since right before that I'd just joined an online critique group and two people sold right after I joined...even before I could read their work. Tina was probably, "yeah, whatever, Emily!"

But I had barely made it through three chapters of her book, before she quickly made the sale for The Espressologist. I'd like to think it was my good luck, but I really know it's because it's an awesome book. I knew from the moment I heard the concept it would sell. And Tina's love of writing really shines through. Within the first page, I was hooked. Tina has a wonderful ability of comedic timing. Something I'm sure we all want, but very few of us our blessed with. She just has it, and it makes her books all the better for it. Plus, her characters are sweet, but strong at the same time and completely relatable.

So run, don't walk, to the store next week to pick up your own copy of The Espressologist.

Trust me, you won't regret it.

--Emily, Miss Querylicious


Kristina Springer said...

Aw, thanks Em! You're so sweet! :-) And I love the if you like, you'll love posts- cool!!!

Lisa Schroeder said...

This is a GREAT post! You librarians are so good at the whole - if you like this, you'll surely like THIS!! :)

Kate Fall said...

Yup, great idea, Em! Now I really can't wait to do some reading.