Monday, October 26, 2009

Coping with Too Much to Do

Tip of the Day: Tomorrow is the launch date for THE ESPRESSOLOGIST by Kristina Springer! (*throws virtual confetti*)

Let's play a game today! Let's play "How many of these things go through your mind before you sit down to write on the weekend?" Check off all that apply.

1. I should really be doing the dishes.
2. I should really be doing the laundry.
3. I should really do some critiques for my lovely critique partners before I get to my own writing.
4. I shouldn't leave dinner until the last minute. What am I going to cook?
5. I should really be getting the kids' stuff ready for Halloween.
6. I definitely should not look at the carpet in this room before I start writing. When was the last time someone took out the vacuum in this house?
7. I should get the kids' papers off the dining room table and then I'll feel like I accomplished something around the house before I write.
8. This room is freezing. I should really put the summer clothes away for the year and dig up my sweaters.
9. I should pick up the kids' (choose one: new earring disinfectant, saxophone reeds, irish dance shoes, cleats, pastels for art class, or whatever weird thing is going to take you into a store in town you barely knew existed) before I totally forget again.
10. I should get more writing done than I did last weekend. Man, where do the weekends go?

Here are your test results. Count how many you checked off:
1-3: Congratulations, your significant other is a neat freak with anal retentive tendencies, leaving you lots of time to write. Just don't let him or her near your closet or your car.
4-6: Congratulations, your life is about in balance. Now tell yourself you're going to write until one of the kids or pets comes to you with an injury or problem of great tragedy. That should give you almost an hour!
7 - 10: Do you think that medicine for adult ADD really works? I wonder that. A lot.

-- Kate, Miss Perfecting the Pages


Kristina Springer said...

Ha! This is great Kate! My mind goes like this all day.

DeenaML said...

HA! Ah yes, this is why ppl leave the house to write, right? ;)

Christina Farley said...

You crack me up! Okay, I'd have to say yes to all your questions and maybe then some.