Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Writer's Cup is Full :-)

Tip of the Day: To see my write-up on the Anderson's Children's Literature Breakfast see my personal blog.

I have a new project! And I'm so jazzed to work on it-- it's literally killing me that it's so busy at my house this week that I haven't been able to write! My son is having his tonsils out on Friday and I'm going to sit at the hospital all day with him and I'm bringing my laptop to get some writing done. (Does this make me a bad mommy? I can type with my right hand and hold Popsicles with my left I'm sure.)

So why am I so excited? I'm coming off of a fab writerly weekend! Deena and Em stayed with me this weekend and in between my children climbing the walls and leaping from Deena's lap to Em's we got so much writing chat in! We talked about our projects, did a little reading, and made suggestions for each other. And I'm just stating this now so that I can say told you so in a month or six months or whatever it takes until they sell-- OMG guys, wait until you see Em and Deena's new books!! AWESOME!!

We also spent the majority of Saturday at the Anderson's Children's Literature Breakfast. Here we are looking oh so cute:

The breakfast was pretty cool and I honestly never realized just how many kid lit authors Illinois has. WOW! I vote us coolest state ever! :-) But seriously, I remember just four or five years ago complaining that there were no authors near me and now there are tons! 65 at this breakfast alone. Yay!

After the breakfast ended we hadn't chatted quite enough so a group of us went to lunch for some more fun writer gab time.

I'm sure you can spot Deena and Em in there but also you'll see from L-R around the table nice librarian whose name I forgot (sorry!), Kristin librarian/Bookworming in the 21st Century blogger, Ronnie and Adam Selzer, Kristin Walker, and Trina Sotira. Fun, fun, fun people! I'd like to tell you what we talked about but some of it was Rated R (looking at you Deena) and I had to put my hands over my ears to protect my innocence.

Having such a fun writerly weekend has made me realize I want them more often! So who's planning the next one? :-)

Kristina. Miss See Me on the Shelves


Emily Marshall said...

Okay this was an excellent and hilarious recap. I think I might have to vote you guys as awesomest writing state too!

Hopefully T's stuff goes well tomorrow. Poor kid. But you are Super Mom, so you can surely handle juggling writing, popsicles, and probably a million other things all at once.

Kate Fall said...

Good luck with the tonsil operation. I wish you could come to Rochester in May for the Teen Book Festival!

DeenaML said...

It was SUCH A GOOD TIME! And take care Tee!