Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sports Stories for the Win

Tip of the Day: The days are getting longer! March 20 is the vernal equinox. That'll revitalize your spirits!

I've had more fun watching the Olympics this year than any Olympics I can remember. It makes me want to write a sports story for girls. Like one where an ice skater convinces a bad boy hockey player to be her skating partner. Wait, that one's been written before, hasn't it? Hmm, maybe something more original.

My husband's been watching a lot of curling. I could write a story about curling. I don't think that's been done before. Except every time I watch curling, I fall asleep.

Did you see the ice dancer representing Georgia? She had never actually been to Georgia. The country recruited her and she hoped to visit Georgia for the first time after the Olympics. That would make a good story element.

Actually, the only sport I know much about is the cut-throat, competitive world of Irish step dancing. I could write a story about the feis, with the girls in their wigs, heavy dresses, and gillies, and the tough competition for the few male partners.

So what do you think about sports books for girls? Do they only sell for boys, or are girls interested in sports books too?

-- Kate, Miss Perfecting the Pages


Alissa Grosso said...

I would love to see more sports stories for girls, but then I was one of those girls who had my own varsity jacket in high school, not one I needed to borrow from a boyfriend!

DeenaML said...

I think some more girl sports books are good as long as they mix in some family/friend issues as well so it's not only sports. I want a sports mystery for girls.

Andrea Mack said...

Curling makes you fall asleep? I love the strategy! Some of the shots they make amazes me.

I know my daughters would love to read more sports stories about girls, but they'd need to have a deeper storyline than just sports.

Emily Marshall said...

Ooh a sports mystery that's an idea Deena :) I love sports stories too, but probably because I love sports. It would be nice if it's done in a non-traditional way, though.

And curling rocks!

Kate Fall said...

I try to watch the curling, I really do! The games are just so long.

I keep thinking of sports romance for some reason. But I like the idea of mixing it up.