Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who am I Now?

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It's that time again for me! I need a new name. While Miss Delighted to Debut has been a lovely name I need one more suited to my current situation. What's that you say, hoping I'll remind you? Well, my first book came out last year, I have a second book coming out in September and a third in 2011. I'm working on several more books and I'm still learning the ropes and growing more each day into this whole author world. So my new name should be...

I have no idea. I did a much better job coming up with names last time. Do you have any ideas for me? Lisa's name is so cute (Miss Crafting a Career) but she's using it. Everything I think of sounds silly. Like:

Miss Pub Pub Pubbing Along- That makes me sound like a tug boat right? And I suggested it to Lisa last year. It didn't make the cut. :-)

Miss Pleasantly Pubbed- I picture people saying, "but she has a good personality and pretty face."

Miss Awesome Author- That sounds terribly conceited. But I couldn't think of another A word. Well, maybe Miss Aerobic Author. I've been doing a ton of that lately. But now I'm way off the point.

Miss Wishing for More Writing Time- Man do I ever. Life keeps getting in the way these days. Which brings me to my next name:

Miss Mommy Writer 3000- That's the name of the robot I'm building in my basement to take over all my daily duties.

Miss Marketing Maniac- Because I never realized how much marketing we need to do and sometimes it makes me feel like a maniac.

Miss Building a Brand- I guess that's sort of true. We kind of brand ourselves with our books. I mean, you eventually want someone to say oh, a (your name) book, right? But it makes me think of cereal or gym shoes for some reason.

ARGH! This is making my head hurt. I really need help! Anyone have ideas for me?

Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut


Jen said...

Oh how cute! A new name is so much fun!!! I'll have to think about it and get back to you!!!

Alissa said...

Miss Wishing for More Writing Time is a great one! So many of us could go by that alias!

Kate Fall said...

I like Miss Mommy Writer 3000 but just because it strikes me as funny.

I'm trying to think of something about how many deadlines and schedules you'll have to meet while you balance multiple books. Or since you're working on getting your name out there, maybe something about that. You know, the alliterate thing is killing me for good ideas here. Miss See me on the Shelves?

Lisa Schroeder, Author said...

Miss See Me On the Shelves - Kate you are so clever! Love it!!

Emily Marshall said...

I like the Miss See Me on the Shelves too or Miss Building a Brand.

Kristina Springer said...

Thanks guys!!

And I think Miss See Me on the Shelves is going to be the winner! Of course, if B&N and Borders etc. stop stocking me then I can switch to Miss Order Me Online. LOL!