Monday, March 8, 2010

My New Writing Hero: Wocka Wocka Wocka

Tip of the Day: My favorite hand cream to keep on my desk has always been Bath and Body Works antibacterial, but someone gave me Ulta hand cream and it's working a lot better for me than I would have imagined. Yay good hand cream.

Lately I've been feeling a little worn out about my writing, like I'm slogging through the swamp. That's why I have a new writing hero for inspiration.

Fozzie Bear! (Cue music: da da da DA da da DAAA!)

My kids have been watching old Muppet Show episodes. They're irresistible. Gonzo was my favorite growing up because I felt like a weird kid. But Fozzie, now, he won't stop working on his craft. No matter what! Everyone in the world can criticize him, he just keeps going.

Yeah, Statler and Waldorf, it's easy to criticize!

You'd think with all that heckling, Fozzie would stop asking for ways to improve, but no. He asks Kermit for a list of his good points and bad points.

Fozzie (reading list): Oh, no! You don't ... well, I guess I could see how you could think that. Okay, okay, I can improve this. Show me the good points now.

Kermit: Uh, those were the good points.

So when you're feeling heckled and wondering if anyone will ever get your jokes, when you feel like you've revised the "Good grief, the comedian's a bear!" sketch twenty times over and it's still not reading right, when you feel like giving up because what you thought was great just isn't and you're afraid to find out what people think of what you thought was merely good ... go watch the Muppet Show.

Aw, I think I want to buy a Fozzie teddy bear to hug now.

-- Kate, Miss Perfecting the Pages


Carmella Van Vleet said...

Here you go, Kate. It's the best I can do. :-)

Shannon Messenger said...

Wow, I LOVED this post. I feel so bad that my revision schedule has cut into my blog hopping time. But I'm at querying stage and not touching my draft at the moment, so hopefully I'll have time to be around more.

I love your attitude. I think we all have days where we doubt ourselves and feel like nothing we do will ever be good enough and the revision will never end. But I'm starting to realize that it's about patience, determination, and dedication. Roll through the bad days. You have the talent (otherwise you couldn't write great posts like this) and believe in yourself. I have no doubt you'll be published someday and I can't wait to read your book when you are!

Kate Fall said...

Thanks so much for your kind words!!

Christina Farley said...

Very cute hero if you ask me.