Friday, March 12, 2010

A new side to this author thing

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Up to this point in my career, I've managed to do most of my promotion on-line or via snail mail, with the occasional appearance thrown in there. I like it this way. With on-line stuff, you have a chance to think before you send. A chance to mull over your words a bit. Although I have to admit, as I've gotten busier, I mull a lot less than I used to.

This week, however, I was forced to expand my horizons. On Wednesday, I had my first radio interview, due to the release of IT'S RAINING CUPCAKES and an event I'm doing this weekend at Powells. Don't be too impressed. It's an AM news station in town, and the interview will air Saturday morning, with a mention in the news of my book signing on Friday morning. I think the mention Friday morning might be heard by a few people. My husband said some people he works with like to listen during the week. But Saturday morning? On an AM station? Yeah, this made me feel much more confident going into it. No one will hear me! Yay, it doesn't matter if I goof up!

And still, I was terrified. I knew he'd ask about the book, which he did. I had typed the summary out so I basically read it. After that, he asked about my writing process. This is a question I need to work on. How does a person explain the process of writing? For me, it's like - I sit down and I stare at the computer screen and then I make myself type the words in my head. I didn't say this to him, of course. Don't ask me what I said to that question. I have no idea. I think I babbled on about how some people are outliners and some aren't, and I tend to be one of the non-outliners.

On top of just being nervous about the whole thing and wanting to sound somewhat intelligent, there were other outside factors that made the thing stressful. Twenty minutes before I was scheduled to call him, a big water treatment truck parked outside our house and started making lots of noise. And that made the dog bark. And bark. And bark. So, to keep her quiet, I went into my bedroom, put her on the bed, shut the door, and proceeded to RUB HER BELLY THE WHOLE TIME I TALKED TO THE GUY.

I have never been so glad to have something done in my life as that radio interview.

And then guess what happened. Today, I got a request to be on a local TV show in two weeks.

Lord help me.

~Lisa, Miss Crafting a Career


DeenaML said...

You must bring the dog on TV!!! Go Lisa!!!

Carmella Van Vleet said...

TV?! Oh my. I would be a wreck. I'm sure you'll be wonderful though! You always come across as poised and relaxed.

Good luck!

Kate Fall said...

Ooh, I hope you can post your TV experience online! Good luck with the book signing.

Emily Marshall said...

Fun: radio and TV. Go Lisa!!!!