Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keep Reading, Please! (or I Will Follow Her, Follow Her Wherever She May Go!*)

*with apologies to Little Peggy March

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I was chatting with Tina the other day and expressed my concern that perhaps people who have been reading A2A since its inception in 2008, when we we claimed readers would be following the careers of five writers in five different stages, might think that is not really what's happening.

Why would I think that?

Um, because I've been Subbing for Pubbing for 2.5 years maybe? Ha! How's that for writer growth?

Over that time, I've had two MGs on sub, polished another YA (that neither agent loved but oh well, it was fun to write and my friends like it!), started rewriting my first YA, and am done with the draft of a new fun YA.

And I haven't sold anything yet.

Am I stagnating, I wondered, in the world of Subbing for Pubbing? Yes, I want to sell a book, but I am OK with being here -- but blog readers are like "What is going on with that girl?"

Tina, wise and thoughtful girl that she is, said no; that it was important for other writers to see that it is a long journey, that we each do have different paths, and that as long as I keep writing and really am Subbing for Pubbing, others can revel in the fact that there is nothing wrong with it taking time to sell.

And you know what? She's right. For those who hae followed me on this journey so far, the experience will only be sweeter when I DO sell and you can all celebrate with me. I've read that the average length of time to sell a book is 7 years from when a writer first seriously pursues publication. I started writing kidlit in 2004, and began subbing for pubbing to agents and some editors in 2006, so I'm around the 5 year mark. That gives me two more years to be average. And you know what? As much as I want to sell a book, I'm OK with that.

I hope you are too, readers, and you'll keep sticking it out with me!

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Andrea Mack said...

Deena, I'm not sure I was even aware of blogs back when you started (okay, I was, just barely), but I think it's great to read about writers in different stages, and see the realities of the writing life.

Kate Fall said...

Yup, I'm still here writing and revising. You're still here subbing. That's what it takes in the lightning fast world of publishing. One day after many years, we'll be overnight sensations!

Lisa Schroeder said...

Yep - everyone's path is different. And what I love about you is you KEEP ON WRITING. It's not like you're still trying to sell that first book from back in 2004. I really believe that's the key to this business. YOu have to keep writing, and eventually, you'll write one that makes it. :)

DeenaML said...

Andrea, thanks for reading and for the comment. It really is nice to hear that my journey is worth reading. :)

Kate, I know you and your hilarious voice will find a publisher as well.

Lisa, no matter how many times I hear it, I like hearing it again: there are many paths.