Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Revision Process (or My Revision Process This Time)

Tip of the Day: Feeling nostalgic for junior high as school starts up again? Watch this movie again. Sing along with Cyndy Lauper!

By approximately this time next week, my YA WIP will be ready for my agent! I'm so excited about this book; it's been a blast to write. Let's go through a little time line of how I wrote and revised this novel, shall we?

Fall 2009 -- Brainstormed idea with agent. She liked it. Made notes and preliminary chapter drafts.
Jan 2010 -- Wrote about 30 pages. Kept brainstorming. Needed a title for the book/TV show in the book. Attended SCBWI Conference in NYC where Jane Yolen unwittingly provided me with my title in her keynote speech! Score!
Feb 2010 -- Edited 30 pages. Sent pages to Em and Tina for our meeting of the minds in Chicago. Revised some more. Sent 30 pages to agent who said to keep going.
March 2010 -- Wrote more book.
April 2010 -- Wrote even more book. Also, bought a house and prepared to move.
May 2010 -- Writing of book wanes as packing and moving gears up, but I start sending chaps to the Helper Monkeys CPs and taking in their feedback.
*MEANWHILE! Rejections come in on MG on sub and my motivation to get the YA WIP to my agent increases!*
June 2010 -- Helper Monkey Writing Day takes place and serious revising of first 100 pages or so based on Helper Monkey notes is completed. Woo hoo! I start to feel really good about this book.
July 2010 -- Wrote more book, sent more pages to Helper Monkeys.
August 2010 -- Wrote a ton like a mad woman with a writing itch! Finished the draft! Sent almost all of the book to Helper Monkeys.
September 1-8, 2010 -- Began revising like a mad woman, using notes I'd written to myself as I wrote and notes from Helper Monkeys and HM meetings. After revisions were completed on chaps 1-20, I sent them to my other CPs, Em and Tina. While my agent reads the book, I'll make some of their suggested changes as well.

So as of now, I have about 20 more chaps to edit, a handful more of chaps to get feedback on from the Helper Monkeys, and then all will then be sent to Em/Tina for the check of the polished pages. Then off to the agent!

I have to say, if I could always be this focused, man, I could be super writing productive. And this process of passing pages from one set of CPs to another for fresh views on revised pages has been working really well.

What has your revision process been like lately? Has it been working well?

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Lisa Schroeder said...

Wow, good for you for sticking with it!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Deena!

Kate Fall said...

Good luck, Deena. You've been a dynamo! It's a great novel! I find it helps to send pages back and forth to 2 groups, too, especially when I find myself saying "Pretend you read that this character is totally different because I changed all that."