Thursday, September 9, 2010

Setting up a Book Signing

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I find that I blog on here about whatever is hogging up the most space on my brain at the moment. And at this moment it's book signings. Specifically my first signing for My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours. It's this Saturday, 9/11, from 2-4 pm at the Bolingbrook, IL Borders so if you're in the area stop by! But for today I'll talk about how to set up your own book signing.

1) Scope out bookstores in the area you're interested in signing in. Usually independent bookstores love to host authors. But the chains will too, sometimes.

2) After you've googled a phone number for the bookstore you're interested in, call and ask for the events coordinator.

3) Introduce yourself and your book. "Hi, I'm Awesome Author and my new book, Bound to Be a Best Seller comes out in October from Kick Butt Publisher. Would you be interested in having me come for a book signing?

4) If no, thank you anyway. Can I come by and sign stock sometime?

Note: The theory floating around the authorverse is a signed book is a sold book so stock sign whenever you can.

5) If yes, great! Set up a day & time and decide what you will be doing (Talk? Read? Both? Meet & Greet? Just sign?).

6) Advertise your book signing. Post on your blog, twitter, facebook etc. Send a note to the local newspaper for their calendar/events section (it's pretty easy to find e-mail address for this kind of thing online.).

7) A few days before the signing, check in with the bookstore. Is everything set? Did they advertise you were coming? Did they order enough books?

Note: Bring your author copies in your car. If they sell out of their stock you can bring in your books for them to sell and the store will replace your books at a later time.

8) Check your closet. Do you have something cute to wear?

9) Arrive early the day of the signing. Bring any giveaways you have (bookmarks, stickers etc.), any signage you have (cute posters?), your pen to sign with, your camera, and if it's a launch signing you might want to bring a treat for the readers (cupcakes, cookies or whatever).

10) Have fun! Smile pretty!

Kristina, Miss See Me on the Shelves


amuse me said...

I self-published a local history book and have been hot on the pursuit of book signings. I had one yesterday in our local, family-owned grocery store. I advertised in the local paper and the store owners offered "free coffee to seniors." It was a total blast! So, then I'm thinking what about a book signing in a teen clothing store for a teen book?!

BookChic said...

Great tips!! :) I've always wondered how a book signing was set up when it's the author doing it.

Kristina Springer said...

AM-- cool idea!

BC-- :-)

D-- If it's like Chicago, no go ahead and set them up in different parts. If it's a town I'd probably just do one.