Thursday, October 14, 2010

Copy Edits: The Method to My Madness

Tip of the Day: Wash your hands often. Yesterday Dr. Oz said people pick their nose five times an hour. Ew. Ew, ew, ew.

I'm going to let you in on my highly intriguing process of tackling copy edits. It's not a conscious process, I have to say, because I only just realized that I do this each time I get copy edits and this is my third book (Just Your Average Princess).

One month before copy edits are due: UPS man knocks on my door, makes me sign for package, I see where it's from, know it's my copy edits, and toss unopened package on the dining room table.

(I call this period of time the Acceptance period. Me accepting that yes, there is STILL more work to do on this book.)

Three weeks before copy edits are due: Glare at copy edits lying on dining room table, still untouched. Hold package and think about opening it. Probably should see what it entails. Rip open package, look at first page FULL of new notes, curse, and jam the whole thing back into the envelope and toss back on the dining room table.

(I call this my Why Oh Why?! period. The one where I thought I had reached acceptance but no, I can't believe there are still issues to fix so thus I whine. Mostly to myself, occasionally to husband.)

Two weeks before copy edits are due: Walk by dining room table, sigh heavily, think to self, I really need to start these copy edits. Take manuscript out again and start leafing through. Argue out loud with marks on the first twenty pages or so. Get frustrated and jam it back in the envelope and toss on the dining room table.

(I call this my Denial period. The one where I'm sure it's not me that's wrong.)

One week before copy edits are due: OH CRAP. Copy edits are due! Tell everyone to leave me alone and get to work!

(This is my What was I thinking Waiting Until the last Minute?! period)

That's where I'm at right now so that's it for my post today-- back to work!

Kristina, Miss See me on the Shelves


Lisa Schroeder said...

Do you like the Dr. Oz show? That show always makes me feel awful about myself - like I do nothing right when it comes to my health. Or something. I don't know.

Good luck with copy edits! I usually only have a week to turn them around, so I'm jealous of the warm-up time you get!! Warming up to the idea of doing them. :)

Kate Fall said...

Wow, Tina, your process sounds pretty much like how I do EVERYTHING.

DeenaML said...

LOL!!! I like how none of the stages are Procrastination. :)