Friday, October 1, 2010

How do you spell F-U-N???

Tip of the day: Happy October 1st! It's time to nominate your favorite books for the Cybils award. Go here for more information.

I've worked really, really hard the past nine months.


I wrote three books, one YA and two MG.

I sold and revised two of them.

I gathered people to form The Contemps, got the blog set up, and helped coordinate everything as it relates to the group.

I traveled to Texas for the Texas Library Association, Rochester for the Teen Book Festival, and made various other appearances locally.

And other things I can't even think about right now because my brain feels so incredibly tired. 

I started writing a new book last week, but my heart isn't really in it. I keep thinking, I need a vacation. I want to get away and not think about writing or titles or books or sales, but just have fun. FUN! What is that? Do I even remember?

The kids are in school. My husband has his things he's doing.

Maybe I can't get away for a trip to Paris or Italy or the fifty other places I'd love to visit. But I can go to a movie. Do some shopping. Go to the art museum. Have lunch with a friend.

I've always told other writer friends that filling the well is just as important as the writing.

I think it's time I took some of my own advice.

What about you? When you need to get away from the computer, but can't take a trip and really get away, what kinds of things do you like to do?

~Lisa, Miss Crafting a Career


Rachel Harris said...

Manicure, pedicure, massage . . . shopping or window shopping . . . free makeover at those cosmetic counters or Sephora . . . Go to the movies by yourself . . . Go out to dinner . . . stay at a hotel IN YOUR CITY and act like a tourist!

Enjoy yourself--you deserve it!

Kate Fall said...

I've been sewing lately. Embroidery leaves lots of time for daydreaming while still being creative.

Emily Marshall said...

I think Rachel has some great ideas!

Look on your city's convention and visitor's bureau page too. Maybe there's a museum or activity you didn't know existed in your city. I'm doing this alot lately, since we just moved.

I'm also trying to take some classes through Parks and Rec and the local university. They have a ton of great things...pottery, dance, sports, day trips, and tons more.