Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teen Read Week (or It's October 20th Already???)

Tip of the Day: See if your local library is doing anything special this week for Teen Read Week!

Last spring, the awesome YA librarian who founded the Rochester Teen Book Fest (omg we have Elizabeth Scott! Heather Brewer! Ally Carter! Melissa de la Cruz! Eric Luper! So many more coming in May!) had the brilliant brainstorm for the Monroe County YA Librarians to do something for Teen Read Week, like one of the "if everyone in [this area] read the same book" thingies except with a teen book. And author Terry Trueman volunteered to be our first guinea pig for the event, saying he'd come back to Rochester for the week to do library events. How freakin cool is that? (It's very cool and even more so when you've seen TT speak.)

So, in the midst of library summer reading craziness, we plotted and planned, scored a grant, and are hosting TT in a series of TRW events.

Now the tough thing about TRW is that it is in October when there are no school breaks, no holidays, nothing to alleviate the school/sports/etc. demands on teens. But does that stop the TRW and TT fever? Not for us librarians!

Despite the mediocre turnouts for the public library visits, in two days TT visited a bunch of schools, a detention center, a college, and has more coming this week. Phew! And really, a ton of people read STUCK IN NEUTRAL and CRUISE CONTROL for the events, which is what we were aiming for.

Overall, a total success. Thank you Terry and Stephanie and everyone who helped make this a great first annual Greater Rochester Teen Read for Teen Read Week!

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Emily Marshall said...

Sounds very cool! I love author visits.

Ghost Girl said...

Awesome!! Well done, all of you!

Kate Fall said...

It will snowball like Teen Fest did and get bigger and better every year!