Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011!

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Happy New Year! So far mine has been off to a great start and I hope yours has too. I'm determined to have an awesome year and to begin with there will be no resolutions! I'm giving myself the year off. Oh sure, I've got stuff to do. But I'm not going to outline it in a list so I can beat myself up next New Year's Eve. I know some of you drink champagne and watch the ball drop on New Years. Me, I look at the list from the previous year and tick off what I got done and what I didn't. And then I'm annoyed because the didn't list is always longer. So nope, no list this year! This year I'm just going to keep trucking on ahead and do what I can.

I like how Kate has a word and Em has a motto for the year. Mine is going to be "Don't Give Up." A lot of times I want to give up on things when they seem way too hard. Like trying to get an agent or get published was but then I did those things. And even now, when I look at what I have to do and the deadlines for various projects I sometimes feel so overwhelmed that I just want to do nothing. So I need to stop that. I'm going to work on knocking off the deer in headlights approach and just give each project my best.

Look at the 2000 glasses creators. You know the ones that had those nifty New Year's Eve glasses from 2000-2009.

Brilliant how to 00s were always perfect to look through right? And then when 2010 was about to hit I fretted, what will they do? There are no 00s to look through! But they pulled it off.

Clever right? Then here comes 2011 and I think ok, this is it. They're definitely done with the NYE glasses. You couldn't possibly look out of a 2011. I wondered what people would wear on their faces at NYE parties and how many NYE party glasses companies would be going out of business. But did they give up? Nope. They came up with the glasses AGAIN!

Ok, yeah. They're ugly. I agree. But people wore them and that's what's counts. And the companies that make these silly things make it another year. So see? If they can keep making these stupid glasses then we can all do anything we put our minds to! And I WILL get all of my writing projects done in 2011. Books will get written, revised, edited, and polished! Whoo hoo! Happy 2011!

Kristina, Miss Author in Action


Kate Fall said...

You're awesome, Tina! I have a fortune from a cookie taped to my desktop: "When in doubt, take one small step."

DeenaML said...

LOL! Don't give up. The glasses comparison killed me. HA! :)