Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cover Attraction

Tip of the Day: Borders is closing 200 of their stores. :-( Check out my Ode to My Local Borders.

I looked through thousands of book covers on goodreads last night. And my finding is that I am an odd ball and do not like what the rest of the world likes. It might be easier to tell you what I'm not attracted to:
  • anything dark
  • anything where there's just an object in the middle and I'm supposed to know from that that I want to read a book. Like just an apple and a plain background. I mean, what is that about?
  • Not so into the backs. So many covers are people walking away these days. Maybe if they have on a really good dress but I'd kinda rather see the face.
  • anything that implies werewolves, vampires, unicorns, killer whales, rabid gorillas etc. I like books with humans.

So what do I like? You guys already know! Girlie books! Give me some pink and hearts and let's call it a day. I like bright, colorful, fun book! And it looks like I'm the only one since the first thousand or so books on each list is dark, dark, gloomy, dark books. Come on people, lighten up! Ok, here are some that are brighter:

Kristina, Miss Author in Action

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Kate Fall said...

Yes, those are very cute covers! I looked at Goodreads too and felt the same way. Aaaah, the grayness, the neutrality is crushing me!