Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Writer’s Block Cause #2: Lack of Motivation

Tip of the Day: cake shouldn’t just be reserved for dessert. Sometimes cake in the morning is all you need!

This week on author2author we are discussing writer’s block. At this particular time, I can totally relate to this topic, since it’s been…like more than 3 months since I’ve worked on a book. (Wow…I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that on a writing blog).

But what can I say, life has a way of interrupting us and right now writing is not a priority for me. And I’m a firm believer in finding happiness and if you aren’t under contract, then sometimes writing will have to take a back seat.

However, when I’m ready to tackle my work in progress again, there’s a few things that always help me regain my motivation to writing, even if I’m still feeling a small bit of writer’s block.

  1. Deadlines—I happen to be a person that thrives on deadlines. My brain doesn’t kick into action until it’s forced to. So if I want to make any sort of progress I have to give myself a deadline of achievement. The problem with this is that it also works a million times better when the deadline comes from someone else. So if I can have an external goal, such as a contest entry, another request, or having a group such as NaNoWriMo to complete a project, then that’s the best for me.
  2. Forcing myself to sit down. I’ve said this on the blog before but writing is a lot like exercise for me. The thought of it sometimes kills me and overwhelms me. But the second I sit down and start doing it, I have a blast and have no idea why I was so apprehensive to get started. Sometimes getting over the biggest hurdle of actually starting is the key to unlocking the motivation to work.

Happy writing everyone!

--Emily, Miss Trying to Find that Writing Motivation


DeenaML said...

I TOTALLY AGREE with both #1 and #2. If I DON'T write after agonizing over it, I'm unhappy, just like if I don't work out.

Kate Fall said...

I couldn't agree more either. I try to trick myself into writing one paragraph, because getting started is definitely the hard part.