Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More mystery books...

Tip of the Day: if you are in an area expecting lots of snow or ice, try to stay warm and safe. Maybe we'll all get a free writing day tomorrow if everything shuts down!

Following along with last week, here are a few more mystery books I've enjoyed in the last few years:

* The Death by...series by Linda Gerber--this is a fun and light mystery series featuring teenager Aphra Connolly. It doesn't hurt that each of the books has a fun setting!

* The Dead is...series by Marlene Perez. Even if Marlene wasn't my critique partner, I would still plug her books. This series is so much fun combining paranormal elements with good old-fashioned mystery. Dead is not an option will be out in May of this year. Yay!

Looks like the "Dead" and "Death" series are a hit with me!

Other lighter mysteries that I've enjoyed are...



DeenaML said...

My library is closed tomorrow AM! But I plan to just use the time to sleep in. :)

Kate Fall said...

I really hope school is closed tomorrow and I can stay home. I've been "dying" to try both the Gerber and the Perez series.