Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good news for Kindle lovers!

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So Amazon finally wised up and is playing nice with libraries.

Last week they announced that you can now check out books for your Kindle using the Overdrive service at your library.

Despite not having a Kindle, I think this news is exciting. Our library has been waiting for it for awhile. And now we don't have to tell angry patrons with Kindles that the eBooks won't work on them.

But another part of me also wonders what this will do to eBook sales of independently published books on Amazon. After much decision, I decided to try to self-publish one of my older books in eBook format. For the past month or so I've been doing some re-editing and getting it ready for publication. While at the same time still working on newer books to send to agents to try to get traditionally published.

After doing a bit of research of those self-publishing it appears more indie books are bought on Amazon than any other retailer.

Now with this new development, from a writer's perspective, particularly looking to possibly self-publish on Amazon, I'm not sure this will help. Because if people have the choice between $0.99 and free, I'm guessing they will pick free.

I don't think it will kill all the sales, but I do think there will be a slight drop down.

Only time will tell. We shall see what happens.

Does anyone else have any predictions?



Kate Fall said...

As a librarian, you'd know better than I do, but I don't see ebook readers rushing out to figure out Overdrive. I tried to explain it to my Mom and she gave me a blank look, like "Forget it, I'll spend 99 cents not to have to listen to this."

With ebooks, you're also competing against free ebooks like classics and publishers' giveaways. So yes, libraries add something to the mix, but I think Kindle readers prefer to buy through the Kindle store. I'm dying to know how your publishing works out!

Kristina Springer said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear how it goes! And I agree with Kate-- I think people still like to buy online.

DeenaML said...

I am thrilled that a) you are going to epub your novel, and b) that Overdrive and Kindle are now compatible. Since Kindle/OD went live for my lib last Thurs, as many Kindle books have been checked out as non-Kindle ebooks! It is such a popular ereader!

A Shadow Falls said...

Good luck with the 'Kindle'isation of your book. I've recently helped my friend get his epic fantasy novel on Kindle and sales have been ticking over steadily. So far we've had a really good reception from people who've read it, emails asking when the next book is out (it's a trilogy, the third book being available at Christmas), the hard part has been making people aware of it.

I think Libraries offering Kindle books will probably work in a similar manner to dead tree books. Yes, some people will go borrow books and not buy them, but even with that available there are still lots of people who prefer to buy books. At the end of the day, it's free publicity. If someone can read your work for free at a library, then they may well recommend the book to their friends, some of which will borrow the book, some will buy it. The person who read that book may then go buy other books.

Emily Marshall said...

Interesting input everyone. Fascinating stuff. Kate you had be laughing. I can totally see my mom saying the same thing.

And I agree it will probably be similar to paper books affecting sales. It is alittle different, only that I'm still not sure if you can get self-published books onto overdrive. But I'm still trying to figure it out. If you can that will be awesome.