Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Livres en francais! (or Riding on the Me-tro-o-o*)

*with apologies to Berlin

Tip of the Day: Give in to the siren song of the e-reader if you plan to take a long vacation that involves multiple train and plane rides. The freedom of not lugging along books in luggage for 15 days was worth it!

On the multiple Metro rides I took while in Paris for four days, I noticed something very cool: billboards advertising novels along the walls of the Metro stations, right along side the billboards for movies, makeup, and theater productions. Many of them! In fact, I was so exposed to one book that when I saw it for sale in a bookstore window, I wanted to buy it. Then I remembered that I'm not fluent in French.

(See the book, LE PASSAGER, in the picture below)

The Metro is the perfect place for book ads since many people waiting for the train are often bored, antsy, or just looking to pass the time. The billboards could make them think, "Of course! I need to bring a book on the Metro!" And if your Metro ride happens to end in a larger train station that sells books, even better.

A new fun image to imagine: my YA novels selling, being translated into French, and posted on the walls of the Metro! Why not?

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

My commuter train occasionally has book ads--not on the station walls, but in the ad panels inside the train.

DeenaML said...

Jen, cool! What books are usually advertised? (genre?)