Friday, April 20, 2012

Fright Fest

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"When you're working on a book do you ever become paralyzed by fear?"

A writing friend of mine PM'd me over Facebook a couple days ago looking for an answer to this question.

I'm not sure if she expected me to say: "No! Writing is all flowers and hearts! I flit from page to page with joyful abandon, sure my perfect prose will win the Pulitzer!" *cue sparkles and butterflies*

Here's my actual answer: "Afraid? TERRIFIED 24/7. I am scared <bleep>less every time I write, every time I edit, and every time I publish a book. I am convinced everyone will hate it. I think every phrase is awkward. I am sure people are laughing at me behind my back.

Is that what you mean? lol. I think that's how we creative types define normal."

I think everyone needs to hear this once in a while. All writers are insecure. If we waited to feel good about our writing before continuing a project then I'd bet the only books on the shelf would be from literary luminaries like Snooki (who may have an incredible book - I don't know, I haven't read it).

 (I'd also really like to go on record and say that she could be a lovely person in real life. I'm talking REAL life, not that "reality" junk that's shown on TV.)

I think that confidence in writing becomes an even bigger minefield in self-publishing. SELF-PUBLISHING IS CRAP! DON'T SELF-PUBLISH! MICROSCOPIC BUGS WILL EAT YOUR BRAIN WHILE YOU'RE SLEEPING IF YOU SELF-PUBLISH! Isn't that what Jodi Piccoult said? ;) lol

Just because I self-publish, it doesn't mean I'm vain. I'm seriously insecure. I self-publish because I love telling stories. Are they perfect? Doubtful. But if I don't tell stories then it's quite possible my brain will explode and, really, nobody needs to clean up that mess.

No one writes because they have complete confidence in themselves and their work. We write to exorcise the demons. We write to express ourselves. We write to give others a piece of our souls. Is there any greater gift?

Give fear the finger and keep writing. 
-Megg Jensen
(feel free to quote me)

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Bonnee Crawford said...

"Give fear the finger and keep writing"

I think I'll take you up on that quoting offer. :D There's nothing wrong with self publishing.

Andrea Lipomi said...

Love it!