Monday, April 16, 2012

Your Weekly Planner (imagine Weather Channel music here)

Tip of the Day: Following the Department of Justice lawsuit against publishers for price collusion? Here's today's Mashable article arguing that this is a good thing for everyone involved:

I treated myself to Writer's Digest weekly planner recently. I decided this year to be more goal oriented, and I was using a blank book to write down goals, but I don't know. Something about those blank pages let me slack. I was kind of like, here's a bunch of goals that should be accomplished sometime. Then I was like, well, I keep writing the same goals down in the book, and really I know what I want to accomplish. I shouldn't have to keep writing it down. After a while, I was back to wondering what my priorities were and why I gave up writing in the book.

So in typical writer fashion, I bought myself a new book. New books solve problems, right?

I like this planner because the top of the page has room for each day of the week for daily goals, and the bottom of the page is open for weekly goals. Every other page has blank lines and boxes labeled "Goals," "Notes," and "Musings." This gives me room for something I did in the blank book: when I was feeling negative, I jotted down some positive things about my life.

I also have a lot of room for both my personal writing goals and my deadlines for other people. This way, I can make sure I'm working on my novels on a regular basis. I find it helps me to be able to look at my other deadlines and see that they're manageable before I do my own writing.

Do you set weekly goals, or even daily goals? Or do you keep a running to-do list of your critiques due, articles, novel chapters, etc.? What works for you?

-- Kate, Miss Perfecting the Pages


Megg Jensen said...

Hahaha! I did the same thing in January. Bought one calendar I was SURE I'd like...then a week later, bought a different one. I was so ashamed! Glad I'm not the only one who does this. ;)

The worst part? I have an iMac, and iPad, and an iPhone. I still prefer a paper calendar. The only dates in my electronic stuff are birthdays (which I usually forget to follow up on anyway).

Kate Fall said...

Megg, I can just about use my phone for notes like: buy milk. Anything more complicated than that requires paper and pen!