Friday, January 4, 2008

Introducing Lisa - Miss Pinch Me I'm Pubbed

Tip of the Day: OW! Be careful. Pinching can be painful.

There’s been a lot of pinching going on in the past eighteen months. I still, to this day, go back and read that first e-mail from my agent (that almost made me pee my pants) where she told me how much she enjoyed my manuscript, I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME and how much she would love to work with me. It’s like that’s where it all began. That’s where I let myself believe I might have something sorta special, and really allowed myself to picture the possibilities. Me? A young adult author? REALLY?

Prior to writing I HEART YOU, I'd written three mid-grade novels and 1/2 of another YA. This one I felt something really powerful as I wrote the words. And I felt like maybe, just maybe, I'd found my way and discovered the kind of writer I'm supposed to be. But when it starts happening, when you FINALLY get agent interest after four years of trying off and on, and you FINALLY have an editor who says, "Yeah, I love this, let's make into a book," it's still pretty freaking unbelievable.

People keep asking me things like, “How are you able to sleep? Your book comes out in just a few days!” At first I started to explain how I’m old and tired, with a day job and two kids with activities and homework, so sleeping is never a problem. But then I realized it’s more than that. There are lots and lots of steps before you get HERE, to this point. When my Advanced Review Copies arrived, that’s when I really freaked out. That’s when I had trouble sleeping. I e-mailed my editor and said, OMG, people are going to READ this book. Are you sure it’s good? I mean, are you SURE? (Yes, I swear, I did this). It was so weird to see my words in the form of a real, live book.

And, the thing is, in these days before the book comes out, life goes on. I’ve been busy with the day job, holiday and family things, working on my current WIP, and Class of 2k8 stuff. It’s not like I’m thinking about THE BOOK 24/7.

But yeah, sometimes, during a quiet moment, my thoughts drift there, to the book, in bookstores SOON, where people will (hopefully) buy it, and read it.

And then, OW!

Fortunately, so far, early reader response has been positive. I got a gold star over at TeensReadToo!! (Really? OW!)

(I wonder, do you think Jane Yolen still pinches herself with each book?)


DeenaML said...

I'm so proud of you for sticking with if through 3.5 other novels and four years. I love your perserverence and how you KNEW this was the path for you, even if it would take some time. The best things in life are worth waiting for!

OK, here's another little pinch just so you know it's for real. :)

Emily Marshall said...

Lisa, This is great. I enjoyed getting to know more about your writing journey. Your story of perseverance is great, and really inspiration for me at this time. So thanks. And make sure to take some time to enjoy this week as well.

Anonymous said...

I am anxiously awaiting my Very Own Copy. :)

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

Congratulations, Lisa! And thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. The cover looks fabulous, BTW! I know what you mean about writing for so long but then you start that next book and suddenly there is something inside you that you never realized you had. Your voice is more confident. And the story you have to tell just lives in you like no other.

I can't wait to grab that book of the shelf!

As for the pinch, here's another one. And I'll bet Jane Yolen does giver herself a pinch every now and then!

jama said...

What a great blog! Enjoy every moment of this exciting event. Can't wait to read your book :).

Kate Fall said...

Just what I needed as I start some messy revisions: inspiration to keep going. I can see what you mean about your published book seeming real and unreal at the same time. It's real! You did it! And what a great review!

Kristina Springer said...

What a great post! You totally reminded me of when I first talked to my agent and editor too-- it is a really wild and exciting moment to hear someone talking about YOUR book and saying that it is great and why they like it. It's totally nuts like-- are they really talking about me? You just want to pinch yourself the entire time!

And I also agree with you about that feeling you get. I had that about 1/2 way through writing Espressologist. I started telling my husband this is it-- this is the one. And I know Deena had that same feeling with the book she got her agent with too. So cool!

I'm really excited for you and can't wait to get a copy of your book!

And Ghost Girl is right-- you do have the best cover ever!

Barrie said...

It's always interesting to read about a writer's journey. Thank you for sharing! I'm so excited for you, Lisa. IT'S almost here. The day your first book hits the shelves. Pinch. Pinch. Pinch.